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There have been others to pick up Mjolnir besides Thor but, who will in the MCU?

(I'll be excluding other Asgardians such as Bor, Odin, Loki, Sif, etc)

Let's explore the options.

1. Captain America

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Cap has picked up the hammer more than once in comics. So, it's safe to assume he might in the MCU. Him almost doing it in Age Of Ultron was most likely them teasing us.

Likeliness: 8/10

2. Vision

Vision picking up Mjolnir in Age Of Ultron was a very funny and interesting gag and I'm sure they'll continue it in further movies.

Likeliness: 8/10

3. Beta Ray Bill

Casual fans may not know who this is but die hards are picking up what I'm putting down. We know BRB as the alien that picked up Mjolnir. He's done it several times and eventually got his own hammer. So his appearance in a Thor or Avengers movie guarantees his pickup of the hammer.

Likeliness 9/10

4. Black Widow

Okay, I get it. But hear me out. I know you guys remember the Hammer lifting contest in Age of Ultron. BW says "That's not a question I need answered". Perhaps she's saying that because she lifted it when the guys weren't around and kept it to herself. That seems like something she'd do for sure

Likeliness: 6/10

5. Spider-Man

He's the rookie but what a way to make an impression in Infinity Wars by smacking Thanos with Mjolnir. I can just see the look on Clint and Tony's face.

Likeliness 6/10

6. Bucky

Bucky just got back. He's not even an Avenger or a full hero yet. But Cap knows he's a good person. What a way to redeem himself in the Avenger's eyes.

Likeliness: 5.5/10

7. Scarlet Witch

SW has been through quite a lot. Her brother was killed (perhaps), and she worked with a homicidal android. She's most likely on some unsure footing. If she picks it up, she'll see her full purpose as a hero and an Avenger.

Likeliness: 4/10


These are the ones least likely to happen but probably the most awesome.

1. Groot

If you say that this wouldn't be awesome, you're lying to yourself.

2. Coulson

This one doesn't need an explanation

3. Ant-Man

I would post some philosophical spiel about Scott redeeming himself in his daughter's eyes and leaving his past as a criminal behind and blah blah blah. But in reality I just want to see tiny Ant-Man hold tiny Mjolnir. Sue me.

4. Aunt May

Raising Peter should be enough to warrant this, right?

5. Nick Fury

Nick Fury flying around screaming expletives and swinging Mjolnir might be the most awesome moment in any Marvel movie to date or since.

Alright, those are my choices. Leave your opinions (negative or positive) in the comments but, this was my first post so go a little easy. Cheers!


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