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The Walking Dead is famous for their gruesome and depressing character deaths. Today we're counting down my top 5...

5. Tyreese (Seasons 3-5)

Ty was a great character, not one of my favorites but a great character. He was extremely serious when it came to fighting, he was very skilled and had good intentions when it came to not hurting people. Sadly enough, not hurting people is what got him hurt, what got them hurt. Bob died because Tyreese didn't finish off the sucker in 5x01 (season 5 episode 1), instead he let him live. Bob probably would have died anyway, but Tyreese should have known to kill Martin. Then later, in 5x09, he was day dreaming into a picture and was bitten by a walker. Honestly, Ty, you could still be here...

4. Lizzie (Season 4)

Lizzie was cute, likable but also very disturbed, confused and dangerous beyond mesaures. Her demise was tragic but wholly needed. After the murder of her sister, Mika, she needed to be put down, and Carol stepped up to do so, even though she loved her as if she was her own flesh and blood. Since Carol lost Sophia in season 2, and now losing both Lizzie and Mika, you know it's wearing on her. I fear for her this coming season, when it may come to losing Sam. Just my prediction.

3. Hershel (Seasons 2-4)

Hershel's death was so painful to watch on screen. Beheaidng him way surpassed cruelty and it greatly revealed the Governor's mental stabilty; NONE. Hershel biting the dust and leaving his two daughters to keep on surviving also mingled in some more saddness and heart-wrenching feelings. Why, Producers...why...??

2. Lori (Seasons 1-3)

The reason I say Lori is because how it happened. Holding a baby inside you for nine months, in a zombie apacolypse couldn't have been an easy thing to do. Now, seeing this all play out on screen, along with Carl being there to see it all go down as Maggie quickly slit his mom's stomach open to retrieve Judith, was undoubetly heartbreaking. I almost cried watching it, partially because I did like Lori and the way she said "goodbye" to her still zombie-slaying son...

1. Beth (Seasons 2-5)

Mayeb you predicted this way before you got to Lizzie or even read Tyreese, but yes, Beth for me was the saddest. She tried so hard to be strong since season 2 and finally came to her senses in 5x08, stabbing Dawn in her vest, trying to prove a point and it backfired, firing into her a bullet to the brain. It was grossly depriving taking her off and emotionally a well-written rollercoaster. Seeing it play out was like watching a horror movie where nobody survives...

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