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When [Netflix](tag:1234550) announced that a [Daredevil](tag:47230) TV series was in development I wasn't very excited about it. There was a reason why the man without fear wasn't being touched and we can all blame Ben Affleck and company (the same way some are raging against him without even seeing him in action as Batman). The first Daredevil movie felt like those direct-to-TV movies. Poor acting, bad casting choices (I liked Colin Farrell as Bullseye, though), a non engaging story and some of the worst special effects in the history of superhero movies. But Netflix Daredevil series was a huge surprise... to everybody. Unless you're one of those who were against it and after watching season one you praised it as well, alleging that you always trusted in the success of the show.

Marvel has already planned Phase 3 but Daredevil was nowhere to be seen. Is it that execs don't trust in the blind fearless Matt Murdock? I believe that people at Disney think that Daredevil is, either too grounded to an actual world or else it is too gritty to be placed alongside the other Avengers. If that's the case, Daredevil should go with an standalone film that has nothing to do with the MCU. Here are my top choices to start in the entitled The Man Without Fear.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil - Ryan Gosling

A-list actor, who also happens to be able to act - that's Ryan Gosling. The versatile and prolific actor has worked in comedy, drama, romance, thriller and he's done it well. For the record, his work in Drive may support my choice. Regarding the storyline, I strongly believe that Marvel should go with Frank Miller's The Man Without Fear. For modern times, there's little to change to Miller's work. Indeed, the origin story is attractive and we get to see the evolution of Murdock as character. What's more attractive of The Man Without Fear is the almost completely absence of Daredevil. Sounds crazy, but its true. Give it a chance and read it.

Elektra - Rooney Mara

Among the many actresses that can embody Elektra I've always though that Rooney Mara can nail the part. Surely you'll find awkward this pick but we don't need the sexiest or trendiest actress to fill the spot. I'd like the next Daredevil movie to be a stand out because of the acting and story and Rooney certainly has delivered impressive characterizations, such as the renegade Lisbeth Slander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or the mischievous Emily Taylor in Side Effects. Besides, it'll be cool to see another Mara hitting the screen in a superhero movie since her sister Kate will incarnate Susan Storm in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson - Jonah Hill

You saw him in the two Jump Street movies, in The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball. He's got charisma, charm and talent. Jonah Hill has been one of the most pleasant and greatest surprises in Hollywood. When I first saw him in Superbad I never expected him to become such a talented actor. For all the dark and gritty that any Daredevil story might be, the hopeful and cheerful moments come from Foggy.

Ben Urich - Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper was Norman Osborn in the recently disappointing The Amazing Spider-man but, very much alike the two films, we didn't need his presence. I recently watched The Bourne Identity and in some sort of epiphany I found myself saying, 'yes, this guy totally looks like Ben Urich'. What's more, if he was after Jason Bourne and almost beat him, then his next task could easily be to find out who the man without fear is.

Bullseye - Jake Gyllenhaal

Throughout all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, with the exception of The Winter Soldier, I've tirelessly complaining about the needing of a compelling and appealing villain. Up to date only Loki has managed to be the only memorable adversary. Whiplash, Aldrich Killian, Malekith, The Mandarin, Ultron. Not even Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy worked for me. So, it's time for a Marvel movie to have a decent villain and Jake Gyllenhaal would be terrific as the infamous Bullseye. He has the muscle (Southpaw), he's got the brains (Nightcrawler) and he is crazy (Enemy). He may not be an A-list actor but he's probably one of the best of his generation.

It seems we're far away from seeing Daredevil hitting the big screen - in the meantime we can always watch the Daredevil Netflix series and dream about who should star in the next Daredevil movie. Do you have any other choices? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Who should play Daredevil in the next movie and will Marvel finally change to a dark and gritty tone for it?
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