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I don't know about you guys, but I love seeing someone crash and burn. I love watching those fail videos, or any video where someone is just screaming without a filter. That's why I love the show Kitchen Nightmares so much. Just seeing Gordon Ramsay call some guy a donut is hilarious. From Bill O'Reilly telling us he'll do it live, to Michael Richards racist "comedy" rant it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. All reason and logic fly out the window in these epic and infamous celebrity meltdowns. Be warned some of these videos are NSFW.

Alec Baldwin And His Many Run Ins With The Paparazzi

ABC News did a nice little recap of Alec Baldwins paparazzi incidents. A great highlight reel of all the incredible little things he's done to so many reporters and cameramen. Let's also not forget his Twitter rage where he threatened reporter George Stark

I'm gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, I'm going to F*$

Eloquently put Mr. Donaghy I mean Mr. Baldwin. And lets not forget this incredible phone message to his daughter.

The man sure has a temper though I can understand where he is coming from. Who wants to be bothered by these people everywhere they go. But don't be stupid and call someone a homophobic slur.

Reese Witherspoon Gets Arrested

We understand Ms. Witherspoon that you are an American citizen, but that doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want without consequences. This ExtraTv video is unedited and it is in two parts. In the second part she clearly lies about what she said, and that makes it all the sweeter. She is just making an ass out of herself.

This is going to be national news that you're arresting me. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? were in that one movie.

Mel Gibson Dives Into A Jacuzzi

This is a classic. Mel Gibson has graced us with not just one but seven tapes of him panting really loudly. Also, of him screaming like a crazy man. This is the tape that's the most famous.

I deserve to be blown first! Before the F*&$##*$ Jacuzzi!

This isn't the only time Mad Mel has been caught. He's made both racist and anti semitic comments to people. Though he is insane the man still knows story structure.

Christian Bale Is Done With Us Professionally

This is my favorite out of all the rants. While on set filming Terminator Salvation a DP was fixing a light during a scene and Christian Bale unloads on him.


I feel bad for the guy, but at least he doesn't have to work with Mr. Bale again.

Which is Your Favorite Meltdown?!?!! Did I forget any other famous Rants? Let Me Know In The Quiz and The Comment Section Below!


Which Was Your Favorite Meltdown?


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