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Just a few short months ago, news came out that a sequel to Disney's animated film Frozen is in development and will be coming out in 2018. Not much has been confirmed since except that Idina Menzel and Kristin Bell will be returning as Elsa and Anna respectively.

The one big thing that fans are desperately waiting for is the plot, and not only is this the most awaited piece of information, but it is also the one many critics are most concerned about so as to not 'ruin' the original movie.

Curious about what we could see, I decided to take a look into the roots of the legend of "The Snow Queen." I read the classic fairy tale and saw how different the original story was. It made me start to think that the plot of the sequel could be rooted in the original, so first let's look at the original story.

The Snow Queen

The story follows two friends named Gerda and Kai. They had always heard legends of a Snow Queen that travels the land, and there were also legends of the evil troll (or devil) who manages to bring out the worst in people so that people can only see their ugly and evil side.

Kai's heart is accidentally infected by shattered pieces of a frozen lake that create a distorted mirror created by the evil troll. This causes him to only sees others as bad and ugly. He is later tricked by the Ice Queen into going to her palace where she holds him prisoner.

Gerda goes to the Snow Queen's palace to free Kai. Gerda finds Kai and kisses him, which melts his frozen heart. Together they solve the Ice Queen's puzzle, escape the palace, and live happily ever after.

Similarities to Frozen

In the story, the Ice Queen and the troll are villains, but their movie counterparts are benevolent characters. Many elements still exist, and one can tell that in the movie, Kristoff is Gerda's counterpart and Anna is Kai's counterpart. The ideas of having a frozen heart and being cured by an act of true love are prevalent in both the fairy tale and the movie.

What Frozen did not cover

The concept of having a frozen heart was in the movie, but the film did not deal so much with the effects of that condition. The idea of seeing only the worst in people and the resentment that came from it was nonexistent in Frozen. But perhaps the filmmakers did not completely erase those factors. Perhaps they only put them into storage for their potential sequel.

How could we see this conflict in Frozen 2?

Adding the 'curse' of seeing only the worst of people and growing to resent them could end up being the conflict of Frozen 2. Imagine, instead of Elsa being the resenting sister, it ends up happening to Anna, perhaps as an after effect of her frozen heart from the first movie.

Anna may end up breaking away from her friends and going on her own. She would see only the ugly and bad side of Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf. The stress would cause hatred to arise within her, which would be different from Elsa who left out of her own volition.

There will most likely be a secondary conflict, perhaps a main villain like Hans was in the original movie. We may even see Anna running off to this villain when she breaks away from her friends. A growing pessimistic attitude and hatred in Anna's heart will drive the plot of Frozen 2.

Will this be the plot of Frozen 2? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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