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Some people have been saying recently that there should be a female Link in a future Legend of Zelda game. I say there shouldn't be one. Everyone knows Link for being a blond elf man in a Peter Pan tunic. Making him a girl would confuse people. Heck, some people in this day and age still think he is called Zelda. Just imagine their confusion in finding out that Zelda is actually a princess, that the elf boy is called Link, and that another elf, this time a female is also called Link. Listen, all I am trying to say is that we shouldn't go changing genders of well established cultural icons. Imagine if Mario was turned into a woman, Lara Croft into a man as well as a gender flip for Samus Aran? It wouldn't be right. If there is such a need for a Female protagonist in the Legend of Zelda, why not Zelda herself?


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