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Remember when the Governor Dies? Ya well who shoots him in the face? His ex zombie apocalypse Girlfriend? That's right! But the thing is we never seen the end of her! Heck for all we know she could be in Africa by now! Here I am going to go through some of the places she might be according to the show and Comics. WARNING: SPOILERS.


Alexandria Safe Zone could not be a possibility unless she is one of the extras. So far here are some of the mail girls we met during Alexandria Safe Zone.





And not much more if you know any more contact Devin Caron. So I guess that proves that unless she is an extra she could not be at the safe zone.


There were many people in the hospital which SPOILERS Beth Greene was killed. Like Noah one of the members of the hospital (witch makes you do so much frigging work!) So there is another one of the main possibilities.

Her Own Camp

It is very possibility that she made her own camp like all of the people do. But it would be hard to hold up a camp on your own (unless you are like Morgan "season 3"). So That gives me a reason for the next one.

Look For A Camp

Like I said It would be hard to maintain a camp without people. So she probably went looking for a camp to join or people to join her.

Here Are Some Deaths.

Caught by "The Wolves"

Killed in general

Trusting the wrong people

Questions For You!

Now the question is do you think she is alive? Do you think we will see her? Do you think she will interfere with alexandria? Is she A WOLF? To Awnser all these questions post the sender's in your status update with the hashtag

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