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Ok, so we all know that remakes and reboots are very popular the last 10 years. I totally agree that Hollywood is definitely screwing up big time all almost all of their remakes. There are arguably a few good ones that have come out recently. The Evil Dead remake comes to mind while thinking about a great remake/ reboot. When done correctly a remake can really make older movies modern and relevant again. I believe the problem is that Hollywood is going about this the wrong way. Instead of remaking classics like Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, and The Karate Kid and totally screwing up; what they should do is take movies that they can approve upon. Like, the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it." They need to be taking movies that have great concepts but was executed poorly when all was said and done. Not to say these movies are not good enough in their own right. Just saying that it would be awesome to see these movies redone with the technology we have today with that modern twist

1. Beetlejuice

Being made in 1988, Beetlejuice was done very well. Tim Burton did a great job with the weird and zany, Beetlejuice. Such an awesome concept, a couple dies and are now haunting their old home and a tasteless family moves in so they hire a "Bio-exorcist," to get rid of them. Michael Keaton does an truly superb job as the Bio-exorcist known as Beetlejuice. They could do such an awesome job with the effects now a days and if they got the right director and writer it could easily be a modern classic.

Who should take the helm: It would be so awesome to see Eli Craig direct this remake. Eli is known for movies like Tucker and Dale v.s Evil and Zombieland. Both movies are creepy and hilarious with a modern twist, which is exactly what the remake of Beetlejuice would need if it was to be remade. But who would be a good Beetlejuice? Ok, maybe I'm way off and you have a better idea who should play him then I do but; I think Billy Bob Thornton could do a good job at bringing Beetlejuice to life. Admit it, you would totally go see a Beetlejuice remake directed by Eli Craig starring Billy Bob Thornton. right? I know I would.

2. Demolition Man

Demolition man is easily one of my top 5 favorite Stallone movies of all time. I have a special place in my heart for this film. It gives me so much nostalgia it's crazy. I watched it all the time on VHS when I was a kid. I then watched it recently and it did not seem as intense nor incredible as I once remembered. It follows a crime lord (Snipes) and a cop that plays by his own rules (Stallone) who are frozen in 1996 and wake up in the year 2032 where they continue their rivalry.

Who should take the helm: I would go nuts if Joss Whedon stepped in and said I'm writing and directing the remake of Demolition man! With his experience in action films and his awesome banter it would take this movie to a whole new level. Gerard Butler taking over Stallone's role and who could possibly be a villain that could compare to Butler? Dwayne Johnson that's who. Butler v.s Johnson in a fight to the death that extends almost 40s years into the future and directed by Joss Whedon??!!! Take my money now, please.

3. Super Mario Bros.

The movie every Nintendo fan would love to forget about. It's one of those, it's so bad it's good type of movies. But, it's mostly bad. Probably John Leguizamo's worst movie which is saying a lot. Love the guy but Jesus he has made some bad choices in his career. I would be so pumped to hear that they are remaking this, especially with all the video game/ board game movies that are being made. You would think there would be some money to be made off this franchise. Maybe it's just the original movie was so bad no one will even entertain the thought about remaking this film.

Who should take the helm: For this concept to be at all appealing in present times it has to be silly, fun, creepy and really really weird. With that being said I elect Tim Burton to take the directors chair on this one. With his weird and creepy aesthetic it could make this film totally incredible. As for Lugi I would have to go with Jason Schwartzman. For my main man Mario I would have to go with Jon Favreau. I think with Burton's vision along with Schwartzman and Favreau's experience in comedy would make this film well worth seeing.

4. Spawn

Speaking of John Leguizamo, he actually did a pretty awesome job in this comic to movie adaptation. Everything else in this movie however is just not up to par. This movie would be totally awesome if it was done in the present times. I would love to see this be picked up by Netflix and adapted into a show. Especially, after seeing what they did with the likes of Daredevil. That being said it would also be a totally awesome movie.

Who should take the helm: Zack Snyder would be my top pick to direct this film. He has plenty of experience in directing comic book movies well I might add. known for movies like The Watchmen, Man of Steel, and 300. His movies all have that dark aesthetic which this film would defiantly need. My top Pick on who should play Spawn would be Idris Elba. Just with those two alone it would make this movie worth seeing and could take it to that next level where they could build a franchise on to it.

5. The Last Airbender

Let me take a moment just to say WHAT THE HELL M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN. Totally awesome concept for a movie or a live action TV show. But, when it was made it somehow got butchered to one of M. Night's worse movies ever. This could be made into a 3 movie epic trilogy so easily. With that being said it has a lot of potential. It was just one of the many time Hollywood feel short and slapped a half-assed movie together hoping to make a quick dollar.

Who should take the helm: I think on the idea of making an epic trilogy out of this concept, Peter Jackson should take the helm and direct this epic triolgy I'm fantasizing about. A good Aang would be Ryan Potter. Potter is a very young actor who starred in Big Hero 6, who is of Japanese decent and is a promising martial artist. He could not be more perfect for the role.


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