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Jack Rebbeck

Everyone knows Elvis Presley was a big hit in America, but what would think if there was kid who had the same talent as his and lived down under?

In this1997 animated series, the story begins with a Golden Cadillac driving through the outback dessert, then pulling over and dropping a guitar case in front of a doorstep of maid (Grace) and an inventor (Ken). Inside the case was a baby boy, the couple were surprised to see a little baby in a guitar case and shocked that they realise that they saw the Golden Cadillac driving way which would mean only one thing, they just adopted the son of Elvis Presley. They called him Lil' Elvis and grew to be a talented young boy with no knowledge of where he came from.

with his two mates, he made his own band, Janet the drummer and Lionel on didgeridoo and together they're the Truckstoppers.


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