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Okay, before i go on, let me just clarify something, i love Marvel and their movies as much as the next guy, so don't try and pull that DC fanboy sh*t on me. There's no denying the success Marvel has had with their films, albeit some doing better than others. I won't deny though DC has it's advantages over their rivals, and it's my job to point them out. Well not really. Just trying to get out of doing my English homework. Still this is important, sort of. Anyway let's get on with the show!

1. Freedom from its shows

Marvel as we know has their shows connected to the larger MCU: Daredevil, Agent Carter, Agents of shield, all that good stuff. I can sort of see why to. Don't have enough time for all the characters you want to be put on the silver screen? Give em show. But here's a flaw: It can be pretty sloppy, limited and unimportant(or to important) sometimes tbh (that's an abbreviation for to be honest, you people not up to date on kid slang). When i mean sloppy, i mean you if you f*ck up and put something in the show that contradicts the movies, you f*cked up. Which limits what you can do and how free range you can do things. Also, if you're not up to date with the shows you can potentially miss important plot points that show up in the movies. Not everyone has time to watch all your shows Marvel gosh... Now i'm not saying they HAVE messed up, but i feel like it's only a matter of time. DC as we know has it's fair share of shows to. Gotham, Arrow, Flash, and some upcoming ones like Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Now, NONE of these correlate to the upcoming DCEU, which is smarter honestly. We get no restrictions on how to do things, we get to see different takes on iconic characters, and we get to see two universes expand and grow, which is awesome.

2. DC has the rights to all it's characters.

Face it, we ALL would like to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four Join our pals over there in the MCU. And while we were lucky to get Spidey, he's pretty late in the game because he was busy doing his mediocre web slinging over at Sony (1 was pretty good, 2 was bleh). There are just so many storylines Marvel is doing, without the use of characters that go along with them. Sure they're doing good and non comic fans give no shits, we have to have that missing hole in our hearts not seeing those characters in the movies. DC can insert whoever the f*ck they want and do whatever. Something Marvel Studios can't say. Psssst. I just ended off with something that cleverly leads up to my next point

3. Comic Accuracy

As i just stated, Marvel Studios can't put whoever they want in their movies, which leads to lack of story points. Like how Spider played such a pivotal role in Civil War, yet he's simply going to be a small cameo. These stories they're trying to to do are from their comic counterparts but lack so much content it doesn't feel like it. It already seems like DC is following the tone of it's comic counterparts, like how the upcoming Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice has a feel like The Dark Knight Returns. And here's the other thing, DC has the option not to follow the comic arcs. They can free range and do whatever. Mr. Zack Snyder even said the story they created for BvS is it's own story. So they can jump off and on the comic wagon whenever.

4. Tone

Look at this pic of Batman and Superman. Depressing as shit right? That's because that's the genius tone they're going for. These are being portrayed as real characters living in our measly world. They're basically gods among us. Now people give me that same argument. "They're taking themselves to serious lighten up! why can't you be like Marvel and crack some jokes???" Because they're DC, not Marvel. Why copy another companies success when you can make a name for yourself doing your own unique style? And come on, you really don't get tired of those jokes? I like to laugh sure, but you don't have to shoehorn a joke every 30 seconds, when half aren't even that funny *cough*ThortheDarkWorld* *cough* *cough*. I also seriously doubt there won't be a couple jokes in there. Though instead of movies focusing a lot on cracking people up, we give people great story lines to focus on. Look at Marvel's Ant-Man. That movie was funny as hell. Credit to Michael Pena. But i now realize it was to distract from the poorly done rushed story. It wasn't bad, we just went through the strokes way to fast. They're going to have to buckle down if they want to give us satisfying stories. Which was demonstrated pretty well by DC in Man of Steel they can.

5. Icons

Let's face it, DC has the most recognizable heroes and villains in the mainstream media and out. People who weren't comic fans before the MCU got going didn't know shit about the characters. Icons like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, all were pretty well known due to their many iterations. Sure it's an unfair advantage, their heroes being rebooted many time, but hey if you have a card then play it. Whether or not the movies are actually good, these will still rake in the though and keep the money flowing because many people grew up with these characters. And love them either

Alright guys that's all i have got to say. Hope I didn't come out sounding like a fanboy those were just my opinions. Regardless of which is better i look forward to both the MCU and the DCEU. This was my first article by the way. I bet you guys could tell, this reeks of amateur doesn't it? Anyway comment what you guys think i'd love to hear your opinions. Follow me and share my article if you want totally up to you. Let's see what i rant about next!


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