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As my first post on Moviepilot why not give 10 reasons to be excited for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)?

#1 Characters

For those who have read the Civil War story in the comics you know that this is heavy packed story line. Although we won't be getting nearly as many characters in the movie it should still be interesting to see what they do with the ones that are guaranteed to be seen on screen.

#2 Captain America vs Iron Man

For all of you who follow the MCU movies we all know that Tony and Steve are good friends. They have had their disagreements but still put their differences aside when it comes to working together so to see them go at with full intention to beat one another should be intense and very powerful.

#3 Villains

If there is Villain in Civil War is still unclear. We know that Zemo is confirmed to be in the movie but if he will be the threat is still a mystery. Also General Ross is confirmed so could we see a Red Hulk transformation? Not totally clear but still something to theorize about.

#4 Crossbones

One Villain we are for sure to see is Crossbones. Crossbones is something to be excited for because he's known for being the one who killed Cap in the comics and also because if you saw Captain America Winter Soldier he kind of has a grudge against Captain America. So to finally see him get a chance to get what he wants should be something to look forward to.

#5 Russo Brothers

The fact that the Russo brothers are making this film is defiantly a reason to get excited. They did a tremendous job with one of the MCU and one of Marvel's best movies Captain America the Winter Soldier. They set the tone for how dark and serious Marvel can get so now that they are doing it for one of the best comic story lines for the big screen should be very epic.

#6 Thanos Cameo

If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and The Avngers Age of Ultron you know about the existence of Thanos. Also if you've read some of the comics he's in you know that he's one of Marvel's biggest threats. So knowing that they are building up for his grand entrance in Infinity Wars should get everyone excited for his possible cameo in Civil War and in many other Marvel films.

#7 Choosing sides

One of the main plots in Civil War is choosing sides. Both sides of the party have very valid points. To see which characters choose sides will be very interesting. Some heroes we already know are on certain sides like Falcon, or War Machine. Not knowing if your favorite character will be against or with your favorite hero should be very intense and suspenseful.

#8 Black Panther

Black Panther is another reason to get excited for Civil War. We know he exist because of the mention of Wakanda in Age of Ultron and because of Ulysses Klaw presence in Age of Ultron. So to see Black Panther finally on screen with the other Avengers should be very exciting and awesome. Not to mention his stand alone film in 2018.

#9 Who will win?

So the ultimate question I'm sure everyone is wondering is who will in the end? Of course most think Cap will win since it's his movie but then again Iron Man won in the comics. So it's a 50/50 chance. Maybe both will team up again in the end? Anything could happen but anticipating this fight is something I'm sure everyone is doing.

#10 Spider-Man

So of course you should be excited for Spider-Man. Spider-Man is one of the key characters in Civil War and now that Sony and Marvel have a deal to bring him into this universe should be very very exciting. For those who follow the movie currently we know he wont have a big role but still, seeing him in his suit or even interacting with any of the Avengers should be awesome to see on screen.


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