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Gareth Cavanagh

With a darker take on the Fantastic Four being released this week, the owners of the rights to the characters pulled off an insane publicity stunt to make sure the movie had as much exposure as possible. Twentieth Century Fox created a remote controlled drone and set it ablaze making it resemble the Human Torch as he uses his ability.

As you will see in the video itself, the drone is actually shaped like a person and has been labelled "Johnny" which is a nice touch. What is even cooler is that they control the drone while it is in the air, it almost looks like a human making decisions, changing their flight path and altering course on the fly.

The stunt would of course be incomplete without the Fantastic Four logo in flames on the ground, impressive stuff. Although do keep in mind that this was all taking place at an actual Fire Station, they know what they're doing there. Don't go trying to make your own human torch at home, people.

The Josh Trank directed newer take on the iconic superhero team will be released in most regions this week. Based on the trailers released, are you excited for Fantastic Four? Let me know in the comments section.


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