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With the recent releases of both Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron & Ant-Man, I decided that it was time to look at all of our beloved heroes and compare them in their greatest moments and see which would defeat the others in comparison.

So without further adieu let’s begin:

Honorable Mentions:

Agent 13

Now although she has only been in one movie where she only really was involved with one of the action scenes it seems unfair to judge her strength fairly with some of the other heroes that will appear on this list; however she did not personally perform any acts in that scene that made her stand out. Hopefully we will see more of her and what she can do in Captain America: Civil War.

Nick Fury

“Director of SHIELD.” How could he be put so low on this list? That is a fair question but I believe that because of his title that he should be one of the strongest non-superpowered humans on this list and when you look back on his strength in defeating others in the MCU he really has not displayed that much physical strength against them

Maria Hill

Basically it is the same story here for Maria Hill as it is with Nick Fury. However she did stand her own when Ultron first attacked the Avengers so that is why she is ranked higher than Nick Fury

Peggy Carter

She is a badass! If you, like me, watched the show last year agree with me in that she is one of the toughest people on this list for having no superpowers, and that is saying something!

Agent Phil Coulson

“I thought his first name was Agent” But wouldn’t he really have the same story of strength with Maria Hill and Nick Fury? I thought the same thing the first time I thought about this but later I remembered some of Marvel’s One Shot which were short little films that had a little extra stuff for Marvel nerds like myself. One of these was called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” and it shows Coulson kicking some major butt, go check it out, I will wait.

Warriors Three

Let’s be honest, the movies did not really do these guys justice on how cool or funny they could be but I digress. They were important in the fights where they actually involved.

Lady Sif

Okay, this one is kind of a no brainer. She is one of the highest ranking heroes not to make it on the actual list and that’s only because I think she has not received a chance to totally showcase her being a “super” hero.


YES, I put him in because of that scene everyone thinks about when they hear his name, when he is taking on Ronan’s troops with his arrow of whistling destruction. If James Gunn had not included that scene, then most people would have probably forgotten about him.

Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

THIS GUY WENT TOE TO TOE WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA! Need I say more? Okay fine! he took down Nick Fury, Falcon and several S.H.I.E.L.D. squads by himself, I think all of that in one movie is more than enough to be listed at the top of the honorable mentions. Reminder that he is going to be in Captain America Civil War! YES!

SUPER Heroes:

#17 Falcon

“Dude, Captain America needs my help”- To start off, I LOVE FALCON. He is one of my favorite side kicks but when I really thought about his strength in the MCU he really didn’t offer anything different without the suit, which is not an insult to him, but just that I believe we are all used to the guys with super high tech suits that can fly.

#16 Daredevil

“The Man Without Fear”- I think this rating for Daredevil is fair only because Marvel put him on a more street level strength as opposed to the Ben Affleck version where he could leap up buildings like Spider-man; however I do think that if they had not that the show would not have been as successful as it was.

#15 Hawkeye

“I see better from a distance”- I will be honest with you all, I wanted to put Hawkeye at the bottom of this list because I just think he does not have that much strength to bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but looking back I realized he almost by himself took down a Hellicarrier so I bumped him up a little bit.

#14 Rocket Raccoon

“That is the most real authentic laugh of my entire life!”- This guy is the smartest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes to technology, which I believe is pretty evident in the film. However even with all his knowledge I did not believe he was stronger than the rest of his team on his own.

#13 War Machine

“You don’t deserve to wear one of these! Shut it down!”- War Machine is probably the toughest sidekicks there is but yet still falls under the category of sidekick. I ranked him at this spot because of the same reason I ranked Falcon at the bottom because without the suit he is not that powerful yet he still has some strength obviously if he is a Colonel.

#12 Black Widow

“Everyone we know is trying to kill us”- I am aware that Black Widow is one of the most deadly assassins in the MCU; however in all the movies she has been in she tends to take a back seat when it comes to taking on the main-”super” villain when it comes to the other main characters.

#11 Gamora

“I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends”- I hate putting the two females on this list right next to each other but when I really thought about it she continued to lose to Quill in their encounter towards the beginning of the movie because of his quick wit and resources.

#10 Ant-man

“I think we should call the Avengers”- Practically the most underrated Super-hero on this list because of people assuming all he can do is to shrink down to the size of an ant but without seeing the movie most people fail to realize the strength that Scott Lang used with it, especially with his *SPOILERS*.... (okay you kept reading) fight against Falcon unprepared. Also, Scott Lang and Hank Pym seemed exceedingly smart in the movie.

#9 Star-Lord

“Dance-off Bro! Me and you!”- Peter Quill isn’t that strong on his own but his wit and his attitude are enough to save him through practically any situation he finds himself in.

#8 Captain America

“Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”- All of you probably already have rated Captain America pretty high on your own personal list and I have too. I have recently discovered that Captain America tends to get pushed around a lot easier by the stronger superheroes such as Thor or Iron Man.

#7 Drax

“Why would I want to put my finger on his throat?- Drax is pretty much one of the strongest and most feared people in Guardians of the Galaxy after Ronan of course, where we see Drax doesn’t stand a chance against Ronan one on one. However, throughout the rest of the movie Drax tends to hold up more than his own whenever he is in a situation that involves his strength.

#6 Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver

“ You didn’t see that coming?” “I can show you what you truly feel!”- This is mostly the Scarlet Witch; however, there is very little time in Avengers:Age of Ultron where the two of them are not together so I decided to join them together since *SPOILERS*... Quicksilver dies. Ultimately, Scarlet Witch is a power-house that was the only reason the Avengers were able to defeat Ultron’s army of evil robots.

#5 Iron Man

“I am Iron man”- As you all know the MCU only happened because of Iron man’s success, so it is only fair that he is given so much power to take on the Hulk, with his Hulkbuster suit. Now I know some of you are probably thinking, well why is he ranked so much higher than War Machine and my answer to that is because Tony Stark is a genius!

#4 Groot

“I am Groot”- Yes, Groot is the strongest of the Guardians of the Galaxy and I will tell you why. When Star-lord, Drax, and him are attacking Rondu’s troops, he is able to take down a huge amount of his soldiers with just one arm. Also, throughout the rest of the movie, Groot goes through several times where he should be dead; however, he always comes back after.

#3 Vision

“A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”- *SPOILERS*... He was able to carry Thor’s hammer! He is able to make himself intangible, to fly, to shoot a laser out of his forehead and fly! I don’t know what else a hero needs but he is pretty powerful and I hope in the next Marvel Phase that we will see much more of his power.

#2 Thor

“Fortunately I am Mighty”- Thor fought the Hulk on the dime. He had no preparation and was able to hold him down while the rest of the Avengers were trying to save the Helicarrier. Oh! Also, he took on a guy who was able to control and alter the strength of an Infinity Stone. I think that shows he needs to be #2 on the list.

#1 Hulk

“HULK...SMASH!”- Was their really any doubt? The Incredible Hulk is the strongest hero that ever was created in the MCU. He took on both of the main villains on in the Avengers and completely destroyed them. We will hopefully get to see him take on Thanos in one of the Infinity Wars.

Well thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed my article!


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