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Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is one of my favorite movies of all time (probably because me and Scott Pilgrim have all the same personality traits), so I jumped on the opportunity to write an article for the 5th anniversary! While this movie hasn't gotten the recognition it should, it's still beloved by young slackers like me everywhere, so I would like to bring to you five of the most interesting facts about the movie!

1. Michael Cera had to "dumb down" his bass skills for the movie.

While every other actor playing members of the band had to learn their respective instrument, and couldn't play it very well, Michael Cera already knew how to play bass, and had to hold back so his co-stars could keep up!

2. Scott Pilgrim is named after a song.

Specifically that song above. Scott actually wears a t-shirt from the band PLUMTREE in the movie, and they have this song on the soundtrack!

3. The voice-overs are all done by Bill Hader.

That's right! Everything from the arcade game referee, to the guy that says "Fight!" at the beginning of every battle, Bill Hader does them all. He even voiced every character in the Scott Pilgrim 8-bit video game! This guy is a one-man-army of voices!

4. Scott's Pac-Man icebreaker story is true!

Ok, I'll go away forever now.

5. In the comic book, Scott ends up with Knives!

That's right, Scott and Ramona living happily ever after is an alternate ending that Bryan Lee O'Malley (the creator of the comic book himself) wrote for the movie! It's such a better ending too, it makes the whole movie worth it!


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