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The Mummy first came to unleash its horrifying locust-spewing mouth on us in 1999. I remember being entirely traumatized after watching the film when my friend's older brother so kindly unleashed the film onto our innocent eyes. Like all good horror characters that just cannot be killed The Mummy swiftly returned in 2001. Aside from the fearsome Mummy itself who really cannot be forgotten, remember the young boy named Alex in the film? Freddie Boath was the fresh actor who took on the part of Alex.

You probably remember Freddie looking like this...

Let's just pause for a moment to remember the hilarity in the midst of all the horror...

Freddie was born in London, and amazingly, before landing the part of Alex, his only acting experience was lip-synching John Travolta's role in a class production of Grease! Another fun fact about Freddie is that he could have been part of the magic filled Harry Potter franchise! Freddie chose to audition for the role in Mummy Returns instead of for a part in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone all because he was a huge fan of the first Mummy! They were so impressed with Freddie that he stormed through the auditions and got the part. How rad is that?! Freddie got to act alongside his favorite characters. That surely is any fan's dream come true right there! I wonder if Harry Potter would have been different with Freddie on-board...

Since starring in his first ever role as Alex in The Mummy Returns, Freddie has dabbled a little with acting. For those who watched British kid's TV in 2008, Freddie made his next appearance as Jack in the mini-series The Children. And he went on to star in The Pillars of the Earth in 2010 as a young Henry II.

For those eagle-eyed fans that watched the TV series House of Anubis, Freddie appeared in 4 episodes in 2013 as the character Benji Reed!

Its been 14 years since Freddie's acting debut and as time has gone one, Freddie's look has changed quite a bit these days!

And another more recent snap

The blond locks may be gone, but Freddie is still recognizable!

Freddie looks like he is taking a break from acting right now as the last role mentioned on his IMDb page was back in 2013 for House of Anubis. Maybe Freddie will follow in the footsteps of The Mummy and will make his return!

Source: IMDb


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