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Yes you read that right. Batman: Arkham Knight, the highly anticipated ending to Arkham Trilogy, failed it's predecessors. Now i'm not saying it's a bad game, just that it doesn't do the series justice. Wanna know why? Let's find out together. *Spoiler free*

1.Lackluster story

The story, while good,was no where near as the interesting as in City or Asylum. It was very predictable, with very little twists and turns, that follows a very linear path. Any mainstream batman fan could easily guess the ending. For it's final installment, Rocksteady didn't see the need to go out with a bang.

2. Overused Batmobile

When i first heard we were gonna get to drive the batmobile, i was so pumped! It handled really well and it was cool using it as both a tank and speed machine. But it quickly turned into a crutch for it's boss battles and forced us into repetitive mission designs where we fight drones. It was a novelty that was shoved down our throats unfortunately.

3. Boss Battles (or lack thereof)

The Arkham series has been no stranger to epic boss fights, Killer Croc's in Asylum, Mr. Freeze's in City, and Deathstroke's in Origins. These I listed and many more were epic and required people to think fast and be smart. So where was that innovation here? I mean there's boss encounters, i guess. Then they're all just really anticlimactic. Or just lazy. Remember that tank battle you had against Deathstroke? Wow, you get one of the most deadliest assassin's out there and you fight him in a tank, yay....

4. Garbage PC port

Luckily for me I didn't play on PC, though i did think about getting it on there. Still, that doesn't excuse the utter garbage of a port that was and how PC players got screwed over. It could barely handle the 30 frames per second it was locked in with frequent crashes and had really bad textures. It's still not back on Steam just so you know.

5. No challenge maps

Really? You're gonna give us an Arkham game, without challenge maps? Okay.... There is just so much wrong with that altogether. Challenge maps are fun and exciting and keep us playing the game, and it would've worked great with the new Dual-Play mode they added! Which reminds me...

6. Missed opportunity for a co-op mode

This could've added so much play time if you guys put in a mode where you and your friend could play split screen and fight enemies together. I mean it's the last in your series, give us something new! Oh well

7. Arkham Knight

Now when i first heard the name Arkham Knight, i immediately thought of Batman. I mean he already has a ton of names, The Dark Knight, Caped Crusader, Silent protector, The Bat. But no it's a main villain! And he looks badass as well! Sort of a mirror of Batman's darker side, what with the guns and such. He has his own army, and HATES Batman. How could you possibly mess him up? You make it so his identity is glaringly obvious during the story and give us a pretty lame final encounter with him, that's how.

*BONUS* Preorder story packs

Play as Red Hood AND Harley Quinn? SIGN ME THE HELL UP! Wait they're like 10 minutes each. The gameplay with them was good and they WERE free preorder packs, but really? 10 minutes? And there's no challenge maps so we can't play with them again. Awesome....

Alright guys thanks for reading. Like i said it was still a fun game, just doesn't live up to its name to me. What do you guys think? What'd you like and dislike about Arkham Knight and what do you agree/disagree with here? Comment below i'd love to hear your opinions. Share this article if you liked it and follow me if you wanna see more. Let's see what i rant about next!


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