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That's right, our future Dark Knight turns 43 today (Thursday August 15th)! While there's no argument that everyone's excited for the DCEU to get its start, everyone is sweating the new solo Batman films a little. In honor of the Bat's 43rd birthday, I thought I would examine 4 things we want from his Batman, and 3 things we don't!

What we want: 1. The Bat-Family

The main thing we want is all the members of the Bat-Family already existing (except Red Hood). We've seen our basic Robin (Dick Grayson) and Batgirl (Barbara Wilson, who isn't even a real character), but we haven't seen everyone's favorites! We want to see Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Oracle, Batgirl, Spoiler and Robin (preferably Damian Wayne). We want an expansive universe with endless possibilities for characters, and we want it now! Or more accurately in 2018 when the solo movie happens.

2. Better villains!

We want villains we haven't seen before (i.e. Red Hood, Mad Hatter, Man-Bat, Black Mask etc.) and better versions of villains who need redeemed (i.e. The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy etc.). Batman isn't Batman without a full rogues gallery, who are all properly portrayed!

3. A good voice

How I wish you were Jensen Ackles
How I wish you were Jensen Ackles

One thing that has become a signature of this character is his voice. Michael Keaton did it perfectly, and that's what we base this trait on now. However, every other actor to play Batman didn't have this signature voice, with the exception of Christian Bale (who overdid it completely). Ben Affleck needs to perfect his voice. He needs to be soft-spoken, yet dark and menacing at the same time. And we don't want that fake robot voice like we heard in the trailers!

4. Comic Story Lines

The only memorable comic story line we've seen on screen was in Nolan's depiction of the Knightfall saga. While Ben's Batman is based off of The Dark Knight Returns, chances are we won't see much of this story line being used. What story lines would we want to see? For starters, we want to see a live action adaption of The Killing Joke. While this mainly focuses on The Joker, the comic and character are popular enough to get their own movie. And how about an adaption of Under the Red Hood? It's not technically straight from the comic book, but a live action adaption would be amazing! With The Court of Owls being so popular already, it would be no surprise for us to see a story line adapted from them in the future either! Or perhaps an adaption of the Arkham games? It's far fetched, but we'd all love to see it!

What we don't want: 1. Ben Affleck ruining Batman

I know it sounds like an outdated suggestion, but we wouldn't still like Daredevil if it wasn't for Charlie Cox saving the day (and the character). While there's no argument that Ben has talent and belongs in Hollywood, there have been several films where he's botched the acting. He does amazing work behind the camera, but acting doesn't come so naturally! The best performances he's given could have been given better by any other leading man in Hollywood, and we don't want him to do that with Batman.

2. Too many villains in one movie

It's been known for Batman to have multiple main villains in one movie, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we don't want that this time. Minor cameo villains are fine, but I want to see a movie where Batman focuses on one main villain, that is so bad he needs the Bat's full attention. Perhaps The Joker, Black Mask, or Red Hood?

3. Unpersued possibilities

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character enter the Batcave, and it's revealed that his middle name is Robin. Did he become the new Batman? Did Bruce come back, and he became Robin? We'll never know! We don't want anything like that with these films. We want every Easter egg or otherwise backed up by results, or they're basically giving a giant middle finger to the fans. That's what they did with the Nolan trilogy, but hopefully not anymore.


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