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Hi you guys I'm here to explain why I think y'all should go see Deadpool.I hope you fans already know that this will be the first ever Superhero Marvel film or should i say Anti Hero film to be r rated .It makes perfect sense!This course of action allows Deadpool to be Deadpool.

He's Badass

Okay so if y'all seen the last trailer.Deadpool shot a whole bunch of people. Blowing their face off carelessly brains blown off ! If that wasn't crazy enough for you guys I don't know what is

He's Funny

Deadpool cracking jokes lives up to his character as well as shown in the trailers. Nuff said. Like come on he mentioned Reynolds for god sacks!

X-men Development

More X men characters maybe introduced.Seeing Deadpool relationship with Wolverine and bio on the big screen will be interesting for most fans including myself.May build up more to more villans.


The crew is set! Tim Miller from thor the is involved so you know the visuals will be on point and the actor for deadpool on point because he resembles him a lot! But most importantly what do you guys think about the deadpool movie and how much of a bad ass they will make him in the film and the upcoming trailers.


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