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For a few months now, Marvel has allegedly been working hard at trying to push down their properties that belong to Fox so that the public isn’t exposed to them. Aside from the lack of toys for children, this doesn’t change much and it really isn’t as petty as everyone is making it out to be. So let’s address the alleged ‘instances that Marvel has shut out Fox’.

Marvel Is No Longer Making Fantastic Four Comics and After Secret Wars, The Fantastic Four Will Be No More

Just getting this out of the way first: comicbook readers probably won’t care about the lack of Fantastic Four in the comics and will watch the FF film even if the comics are no longer happening. Even if someone wants to turn to comics after watching the films, there is a whole history of Fantastic Four to get into. Now, assuming comicbooks actually have a bearing on a decision to watch a film, I’ll go along with why this doesn’t matter anyway...

The Fantastic Four had been going downhill for a very long time and their lack of inclusion as an actual super team amongst the rest of the heroes made them seem always like they were slightly outside of the main universe. They only maintained a connection to the rest of their universe through Reed Richards, who was used as one of the experts that certain characters would go to for certain problems. Even their own solo series felt like it was trying too hard to be different and reinvigorate the franchise. The Future Foundation played barely any role in the rest of the universe. They only really came back for a Secret Wars tie-in.

This can’t be because of the movies, because they’ve been damning their own film characters as well. Falcon is the new Captain America, which probably won’t come to pass, especially with Bucky Barnes still a major player in the MCU. The new Thor is a female. This definitely won’t happen, especially given the identity of the new Thor as Jane Foster. The new Ms Marvel is Kamala Khan and we know for a fact that we won’t be seeing Ms Marvel for a while and the one that we see will be Carol Danvers. Even recent comics before Secret Wars (which will likely be solved) showed Iron Man going evil in a great storyline called Superior Iron Man.

The Fantastic Four have worn out their welcome and if they fade away and then come back, then they might be able to seem relevant again. Also, it’s not like they’re completing fading away. Thing has already been slated to be part of the new Guardians of the Galaxy which is looking to be deviating from the films by not including Gamora, adding Venom, altering Groot’s design, putting Rocket in charge and making Star Lord a female. The top guess as to who that female is? X-men’s Kitty Pryde. That’s right, the breakout team of last year that won everyone’s hearts features two Fox characters on the team.

UPDATE: Kitty Pryde has been CONFIRMED as the new "Star Lady". It's mentioned in this interview HERE

Now, the team of the future is the Inhumans. They’re effectively replacing mutants in the MCU. For someone to get an idea of what they’re about, they should check out the newest Inhuman title, Uncanny Inhumans. After all, there’s Inhumans Black Bolt, Medusa, Reader (who has probably already made his MCU appearance in Agents of SHIELD depending on who Gordon was), Triton and....Human Torch and Beast. That’s right. Another two Fox properties. That’s also one half of the Fantastic Four in titles that will likely become the flagship titles of the Marvel Universe. I get why Marvel has chosen Human Torch and the Thing. They’re the most interesting characters on the team. Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman have become too bogged down with their family to be involved in the world around them, making them boring. Plus it’s not like they’ll be gone for long, and when they come back, it will probably be new and fresh, actually pulling in interest for the Fantastic Four again.

Marvel Refuses To Put Them Alongside Their Other Characters In All The Promotional Material

First of all, fair enough. They’re trying to connect their movie universe to the comics. Second of all, they don’t. Look at this:

This is one of the two new promotional ‘all new Marvel’. I took the effort to circle the Fox properties in red and in blue what may or may not be a Fox property depending on the identity of the character.

Marvel Has Killed Wolverine And Deadpool

Aside bringing back Nightcrawler a little while ago (long enough for it to be in Marvel’s plan), Marvel is basically bringing them back anyway. Wolverine and Deadpool were killed a little while ago, but this doesn’t mean that the X-men are fading out. After Secret Wars, the 45 new titles will feature:

All-New Wolverine

Still continuing the Wolverine mantle (now with X-23)

Uncanny Avengers

Featuring Deadpool, Rogue, someone who may or may not be Human Torch, Quicksilver (who is pretty much Fox territory now given his death in Avengers Age of Ultron) and some mystery hero who I feel might be related to the Wolverine mythology

Uncanny X-men

Featuring Magneto, so it’ll probably have a bit to do with his discovery that he isn’t Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s father.

All-New X-men

Featuring X-23 as the new female Wolverine, alongside some X-men.

Extraordinary X-men

Featuring Old Man Logan, so Logan is still present. Also, there’s a bunch of X-men, given the title

Old Man Logan

Obviously this one is another Wolverine title


Deadpool has his own title. He’s back from the dead and just in time for promotion for his film early next year. This actually seems to counter every argument that Marvel is trying to spite Fox. This seems like Fox made this comic as it comes out this October (mere months after the first Deadpool trailer and probably around when the second trailer will hit) and then a few months later, the movie comes out.

Scarlet Witch

Technically, she could pop up in a Fox film, but this could just be promotion for Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch.


Featuring Galactus in some major capacity.

Uncanny Inhumans

Featuring Beast from X-men


In the new Daredevil, Daredevil appears to have taken on Gambit as an apprentice. Daredevil being a property that was recently invigorated with the release of the Daredevil tv show.

EDIT- I've actually been alerted that this sidekick isn't Gambit, but I don't like changing around my article too much because I don't want to cause too much confusion in the comments. The source of this information can be found here:

Guardians of the Galaxy

This image again
This image again

I’ve already mentioned this, but the breakout team of last year now features two Fox properties.


One of Marvel’s newest teams, A-Force, contains a lot of mutants, like Jean Grey, Pixie, Rogue, Glorianna/Meggan Puceanu, Dazzler, Aurora and Storm, among others. Almost all these characters are exclusively owned by Fox (not sure about Glorianna and Northstar, given their fairly loose ties to the X-men).

These titles alongside other titles with no relevance to the films, a bunch of Spider-based comics and the obvious idea of Fox properties appearing in the various other comics as well.

All in all, I think the idea that Marvel shut out and is still shutting out Fox is a massive exaggeration and Marvel isn’t as petty as you think.


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