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Curious Beginnings

Have you ever wondered what the #1 movie was on the day you were born? No? Yeah, me neither. But now that the question has been posed, you're probably wondering about it now, right? Well, worry not dear reader, for I am here to bring you the solution to this burning question that has only existed in your mind for the last 10 seconds (15 depending on your reading speed).

Playback.FM is a website that will not only tell you the #1 movie that was showing when you were born, but it's also kind enough to provide you with the trailer for your viewing pleasure. Now you can confirm if the miracle of your birth hindered your parent's movie night. Personally, I remember being in the theater with my dad and older brothers when we got the phone call saying my mom went into labor with my little brother. I was five and we were supposed to watch the first Jurassic Park movie. We didn't. We never got the time to see it after and had to wait for it to arrive on VHS. Thank's a lot, bro.

My petty rambling aside, in addition to searching the #1 movie for my own birthday (Fletch Lives, if you were wondering), I also took the liberty of searching for some of the big celebrity birthdays this month. Take a look at five of them below:

1. Evangeline Lily, 36 - August 3rd, 1979

Evangeline Lily as Hope Van Dyne
Evangeline Lily as Hope Van Dyne

2. Billy Bob Thornton, 60 - August 4th, 1955

Billy Bob in Bad Santa
Billy Bob in Bad Santa
  • Born: Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.A
  • Birth Movie: Mister Roberts
  • Most Recent Appearance: Entourage

3. Charlize Theron, 39 - August 7, 1975

Charlize Theron a.k.a Furiosa
Charlize Theron a.k.a Furiosa
  • Born: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Birth Movie: Jaws
  • Most Recent Appearance: Mad Max: Fury Road

4. Anna Kendrick, 29 - August 9, 1985

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect
Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect
  • Born: Portland, Maine, U.S.A
  • Birth Movie: Back to the Future
  • Most Recent Appearance: Pitch Perfect 2

5. Chris Hemsworth, 31 - August 11, 1983

Chris Hemsworth, the Norse god from Down Under.
Chris Hemsworth, the Norse god from Down Under.
  • Born: Melbourne, Australia
  • Birth Movie: National Lampoon's Vacation - WHAT!? And he's in the sequel 31 years later? That's awesome!
  • Most Recent Appearance: The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vacation

Man, August really is a big month for celebrity birthdays, isn't it? This isn't even all of them and the movies that these five have starred in this year alone have easily pulled in close to $2 billion! Did you share birth movies with any of these celebs?


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