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The young actor who played Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining had such a monumental impact on nearly all horror film buffs. It is mind-blowing to think that at the tender age of six, actor Danny Lloyd played the part of a little boy experiencing some of the scariest happenings on the planet.

Casting Danny Lloyd

Lloyd was chosen for the role for his ability to maintain concentration for long periods of time, and I have to give casting a massive kudos for doing their job so well. Lloyd was beyond perfect.

While Jack Nicholson was the star, Danny Lloyd and Shelley Duvall, who played his mother, brought forward the sensitivity and concern from the audience, making us care with every cell in our bodies for the innocent mother and son duo. We worried for them, and we rooted from them.

According to DVD commentary by Garret Brown and John Baxter, Lloyd wasn't actually aware that he was acting in a horror film. Kubrick told him he was in a family drama that took place in a hotel, which allowed him to give us a powerful and memorable performance.

Why Did He Stop Acting?

If his stellar and mature acting abilities showed at such a young age, why didn't Lloyd make the transition from child star to powerhouse adult actor?

It is a well-known fact that it can be incredibly difficult for a child actor to break into the industry as an adult. Lloyd tried for years, but at age 14, he decided he wanted to be a regular teen and simply moved on from his attempts of breaking into the industry.

What Is He Up to Now?

Danny Lloyd is more into living a quiet life than being surrounded by paranormal hauntings.

He is a pig farmer and a science teacher. He appreciates having a normal life, in which he isn't recognized or followed by people. He feels more comfortable in the Midwest than the craziness that comes with Hollywood.

I think Lloyd made the proper choice by listening to what he really wanted out of life. A lot of people might get blinded by the glitz and the glamour, but Danny Lloyd knew what would truly make him happy.

We wish him the best and we thank him for giving us such a superb and lasting performance as little Danny Torrance.

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