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As of this week it's been 12 years since Fox's drama, The O.C., took over the television screens of young adult households across the country. Their lavish lifestyles and teenage angst had no problems draw in a massive fan base. When the show first aired on August 5, 2003, we were introduced to the motley crew that would end up defining all things fashion, relationship, and music-worthy for the 2000s.

Even though it's been over a decade since we first met Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer, but the thing they taught us will live on in our memories long after the sun has set on the O.C. With that, here are 12 important life lessons that we all learned from watching The O.C.:

1. Your past doesn't define you

If Ryan Atwood can turn it around, anyone can.

2. The people who are a little different in high school shouldn’t be overlooked

Stepping outside of your social circle might open your eyes to whole new friendships.

3. It’s important to lead a healthy, active lifestyle

Even if that means taking a class as ridiculous sounding as 'Yogalates' or playing hockey in an empty mall.

4. You don’t have to have all the same interests as your significant other

If Seth and Summer proved anything, it's that opposites attract.

5. Although it’s still good to share some common ground and to know your deal-breakers

Find things you both like, but be sure to stay true to who you are. Do you have a love of figurine horses? Perfect! No cheese? That could be a problem.

6. You can learn a lot from your parents

Sandy Cohen wasn't born with those eyebrows of wisdom, he earned them.

7. Bagels heal all wounds

And time...bagels and time. Mostly bagels, though.

8. Spider-Man kisses in the rain are always the most romantic

It might not be original, but it's a tried and true recipe for romantic success.

9. If you hear Imogen Heap’s 'Hide and Seek,' someone probably got shot

Probably the most shocking and dramatic television moment of 2005.

10. Let your freak flag fly!

Be weird! Anyone who judges you for being yourself probably isn't any fun anyway.

11. Sometimes the world will get you down, but you can pick yourself back up with the help of your friends

Everyone has those moments, but if you surround yourself with a good support system, they're only a temporary state of being.

12. Chrismukkah is, without a doubt, the best holiday of the year

Chrismukkah and the Yamaclaus are the perfect solution for anyone who loves winter holidays and making compromises.

We laughed, we cried, we kept watching after Marissa died even though we knew it was all downhill from there. The O.C. gave us four of the the 2000's most entertaining seasons of television, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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