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While we all anxiously anticipate the arrival of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) with its burly, gritty depiction of Superman, let's remember the first attempt to relaunch this superhero franchise for a modern audience. That came with 2006's Superman Returns, a colorful and emotional telling of Superman's return to Metropolis with Brandon Routh donning the red cape.

In retrospect, I appreciate that the movie stayed away from an origin story and definitely had its own style. One of the unique aspects of Bryan Singer's movie was the character of Jason White, the young son of Lois Lane and Richard White. He was played by Tristan Lake Leabu and added a whole 'nother level to the movie that many of us weren't expecting.

Here's how we remember Jason White

One of the most controversial aspects of Superman Returns was the heavy implication that Jason was actually the son of Superman and Lois Lane, making him half-human and half-alien.

He showed some burgeoning superpowers, and though some fans took issue with his inclusion in the classic relationship dynamic, Tristan Lake Leabu did a great job of bringing him to life when he was only six years old.

For those who don't remember him, here's Jason's most pivotal scene

As all child actors must drop the "child" modifier at some point, Tristan has since grown up and he's still keeping the acting bug alive!

Here's what he looks like now

It's a shame that DC and Warner Bros. decided not to move forward with the planned sequel to Superman Returns, or we might have seen Jason come into his own powers. Since that film got canceled by the studio, Tristan's appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 and the film Least Among Saints.

You can also find some videos of Tristan playing guitar and singing in videos posted on YouTube.

It's hard to believe it'll be almost a decade since Superman Returns around the time Batman v Superman comes out, but this has got to be the clearest reminder!

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