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I don't think I'll ever be able to get the Rugrats theme song completely out of my head. It's classic and nostalgia-inducing, to the point where I don't think forgetting its melody and sound is at all possible for me. I am fairly certain that I've seen every episode of the show, many of which I viewed more than once. I also saw all of the Rugrats movies too.

So, to see some of these ridiculous theories about the show kind of scares me. There's definitely a chance that this specific one will ruin your childhood. But here it is for your reading pleasure - or disgust - anyway.

Everything is a figment of Angelica's wildly creative imagination

This theory states that The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica's Demonic and Unimaginable imagination. Chuckie died in 1986 along with his mother, which explains why Chaz is a nervous wreck at almost all times. Tommy was born in 1988, but he was a stillborn. That's the reason Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never was given the chance to live. The DeVilles had an abortion in 1990. Angelica couldn't figure whether it would be a boy or a girl, leading to the twins. Eek.

It all makes sense now... Poor Stu! He can't let go. But he needs to try...

Now, it all makes sense why Angelica was freaking out so much...

The babies... aren't there...?

Something about this show was always a little psychedelic and twisted now that I think about it...

So what do you think? Childhood still in tact, somehow? I doubt it.


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