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It's safe to say that Rugrats was one of the defining TV shows of an entire generation's childhood. Its whimsical approach to the secret life of babies also concealed way more intelligence than I could appreciate as a kid, but I'm sure my parents were chuckling to themselves at the casual mentions of things like "booty juice."

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a quarter of a century since this nostalgia-inducing series first hit Nickelodeon, but as the show I've grown up with, there's no better way to pay it a solid tribute than to collect all the best Rugrats fan art from across the Internet.

Here's a collection fan-made love for one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

The gang grows up together

And it looks like they may have visited O'Grady High School along the way.

Some artists imagine the babies getting extremely fashionable

Even in one of the more realistic portrayals, I love that Chuckie can hold onto his purple glasses.

Some want them to stay the same forever

I can definitely get behind the idea that Phil and Lil never get tired of making mud pies.

Some see them as hyperrealistic

Can you imagine a live-action Rugrats movie? I can't decide if that would be amazing or terrifying.

But one thing's for sure: they'll never forget that memorable trip to Paris

And they make a point to revisit the City of Lights once they get a bit older (and somehow manage to find Finn and Marceline along the way).

And they'll definitely never lose their love for Reptar

I've never seen Angelica look as content as this illustration, which makes it one of my absolute favorites.

Some things never change

And I have no trouble believing that this group stayed friends forever.

Even when things get a bit...weird

They're still all together.

And that's what really matters

Even if they look like some of Stu's inventions.

The best possible future: the whole gang all grown up (and grown some more)

My absolute favorite Rugrats fan art is Isaiah Stephens' realistic and updated approach to everyone's favorite baby adventurers. The gang's all here, and they couldn't look more perfect.

Tommy Pickles

Even when he's nearing adulthood, the brave and bold leader of the bunch still carries around a trusty screwdriver. After all, you never know when you'll be placed in a confined space you need to escape from. It's something he learned from his childhood.

Chuckie Finster

Based on that confident smirk, I like to imagine that Chuckie grew out of his constant worrying. with the help of his friends. Sure, I bet he still experiences some light paranoia (he looks like he's a teenager, after all), but Chuckie definitely deserves to feel happy and calm after an eventful first two years.

Lil DeVille

It looks like Lillian got a little sick of being confused for her brother, but based on their coordinated color palettes, these two still like to keep things in the family.

Phil DeVille

Though Phil's Reptar tattoo is perfectly fitting, I can't but imagine a grown-up Phil with a different kind of ink to commemorate the "Clan of the Duck." Then again, that just happens to be one of my favorite episodes.

Dil Pickles

Like Tommy, Dil is happy to represent Pickles Inc and his dad's ongoing entrepreneurial spirit (even though he clearly takes after his mom).

Kimi Watanabe-Finster

Chuckie's adopted sister Kimi may not have been on the show since the beginning, but she certainly made an impression in the later seasons. Many people still ship her and Tommy, but I'm just happy she's still rocking that cat shirt.

Susie Carmichael

The most fashion-forward and level-headed member of the gang would definitely become this kind of stunner.

Angelica Pickles

Last but certainly not least (because she would probably find a way to murder me), Angelica Pickles has fully embraced her privilege and proclaims that she's rich right on her T-shirt. A very Angelica thing to do, but maybe one day she'll learn to be humble.

BONUS: The lovely matriarchs

My favorite characters from the entire series have always been the hard-working (though fairly oblivious) mothers from almost all of the families (sorry, Chuckie), so I couldn't finish this post without including them.

There's still so much to love about this intelligent, hilarious, and adorable show, and it definitely deserves a re-watch for any nostalgia junkies out there.


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