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The time to take on the role of Mad Max draws ever closer, a lone survivor turned warrior is thrust into a savage post-apocalyptic world where the sheer will to survive is key to survival.

In this action-packed, open world environment Max must fight to stay alive in the scorched desert which is now a wasteland. This world is all out savagery, use cunning to deceive your enemies or fight fire with fire and use brutal hand to hand and vehicular combat against the many vicious gangs of bandits.

The New Trailer

This latest action packed trailer is not shy of explosions, guns and yes, more explosions but what is particularly interesting is that we get our first look inside some of the wastelands strongholds.

These heavily fortified structures can be found scattered amongst the sandy haze of the wastelands. They are placed within the game specifically for the player to find.

Some may be friendly but most, I think we can assume will not be. These outposts are key to the games longevity and depth, each stronghold will bring with it a variety of characters, stories modes and missions for the player to jump into.

These strongholds will also be a great place to load up on vital supplies. Beg, borrow or steal; survival in the wastelands takes it's toll on a warrior's strength. Max will need to be as fully equipped as possible as wave after wave of savage attempts to take what's ours from the player.

Mad Max Stronghold will feature a variety of weapons which Max can use to defeat enemies. Though the shotgun is Max's weapon of choice, ammo is scarce, and so melee options are the smarter way to go.

Mad Max will also feature an all new crafting system which can be used to craft new weapons and tools. The car will also be modifiable in' Max's garage' - use this to change and modify the car's engines, chassis, wheels, body works, including the paint job! The car’s weight and attributes update accordingly.

Max will also be able to upgrade himself, most likely in a similar way to Dying light or Shadow of Mordor; crafting trees that represent individual abilities and skills.

Mad Max arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and PC September 1st 2015.

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