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Disney take the golden crown when it comes to hiding away delicious nuggets of animated gold within their productions. There is not one Disney movie out there that does not have at least one cameo role or wink to another story.

By placing these subtle links within their individual stories they are quietly and -more often than not - subconsciously instilling a sense of family and unity. Whether you realize it or not, these beautifully interwoven stories and characters have at some point played a major part in all our lives.

No matter what walk of life you are from, you will always be able to find common ground with anybody in Disney.

The Hidden Genius

These easter eggs are so mind blowing it is almost impossible not to share with a friend immediately.

The below images have been hiding in the background of our favourite Disney movies for over 20 years. Characters that have only surfaced in the last few years have apparently existed within the realm of Disney for decades.

It has been a pleasure putting these images together I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing this.

1. The Spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty is now relocated to live with Rapunzel in the new movie, Tangled.

2. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider cameo in Frozen as at Elsa's coronation in Frozen.

3. The crocodile from Peter Pan - still with the clock in his mouth - appears backstage during the concert within The Goofy Movie

4. Maximus and Vladimir from Tangled stroll underneath Ralph in Wreck It Ralph.

5. Tiana and Naveen also got invited the the coronation in Frozen

6. Aladdin was based on Tom Cruise

7. And The Little Mermaid was based on Alyssa Milano.

8. From The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Henry Limpet appears in fish form in The Little Mermaid.

9. Kermit the Frog is part of the crowd in The Little Mermaid.

10. Mike Wazowski also features in Frozen, as a small carved figure.

11. Hans from Frozen is 'Wanted' in Big Hero 6.

12. Jock from Lady and The Tramp appears in 101 Dalmations.

13. You can see posters for Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 in the background of Meet The Robinsons.

14. A restaurant named after Mulan can be found in Lilo & Stitch

15. Dug the dog from Up appears in Ratatouille. He is just slightly off the set but has obviously walked in front of a production light.

16. Remember the witch in Brave who turned Merida's mother into a bear? Well she also carved Sully from Monsters Inc on a log.

17. Pumba appears as an inanimate gargoyle in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

18. The infamous sea witch, Ursula was based on popular 70's drag singer Divine.

19. This is my favourite of the bunch! The ever so evil, toy-torturing 'Sid' from Toy Story as a garbage man in Toy Story 3. Mind blown!

20. Peg from Lady and the Tramp is in the window of Percy’s Pet Shop in 101 Dalmations.

21. Scar appears as a rug in Hercules!

22. Tangled: funnily enough, Pinocchio can be seen tangled up in the rafters during the 'I've got a dream' segment.

23. Carl and Ellie from Up have sent Andy from Toy Story a postcard.

24. Disney Pixar always feature Apple products in their movies as Steve Jobs was a Co-Founder.

25. The vultures in Jungle Book were based on The Beatles. They were meant to be voiced by them too but the band were unable to make their recording slot.

26. Disney address Kristoff's comments regarding all men eating their own boogers. This can be found at the end of the credits in Frozen.

27. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast is one of the Sultan's toys in Aladdin.

28. In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame you can see Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Pumba from The Lion King all in one scene. The scene is the 'Out There' scene.

29. Dumbo is a toy in Lilo & Stitch

30. The scary sorcerer in Fantasia that is named Yen Sid, is actually 'Disney' spelled backwards.

31. Nemo appears in the classic Brother Bear

32. Wart (in squirrel form) from The Sword in the Stone appears in The Fox and the Hound. Loved that one!

33. Three classic Disney books appear in this scene of Tangled. Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast

34. In Beauty and the Beast when Maurice and Felipe are lost in the woods, they come across these random road signs. The sign points towards Valencia and Anaheim. Disney Land is in Anaheim and Valencia is where Disney artists study (California Institute of Technology).

35. Goofy also appears in the Little Mermaid, just a few places forward from Kermit.

36. The iconic ball from Pixar’s Luxo Jr. can be seen in the background of Lilo & Stitch.

37. Bambi and mother can be seen in The Rescuers!

38. And finally, Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast can be seen on the table in Tarzan!

This has been the most fun ever putting this piece together. Disney will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for the years of entertainment you have given us thus far and here's to another century of brilliance!

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