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The Joker is the greatest villain the world has ever seen. He is motivated by anarchy and has no reasoning behind most of his crimes other than to thwart Batman. He has been portrayed by the best of the best and has been represented amazingly on all platforms: Comics, TV, cinema, graphic novels, etc. Here are 10 facts you didn't know about the clown prince of crime.

10. He has no fears

In Knightfall (1993) The Joker was exposed to Scarecrow's toxin but it ultimately had no effect on him simply because he has no fears to amplify.

9. He caused havoc outside Gotham

In 1987 the 17 page long story of The Joker going to Metropolis to kidnap Lois Lane is interesting to see the clown straying away from Bats. It's called "To Laugh and Die in Metropolis" and ultimately Joker is defeated.

8. He once gassed an entire kindergarten class

We've yet to see the psychopath version of the Joker on the big screen. I mean he was kinda messed up in The Dark Knight but the Joker is insane (not actually medically official though). In the 1996 issue of Hitman the Joker gassed an entire kindergarten class showing his lack of remorse. I think we may see this side of the Joker under Jared Leto.

7. He has his own ride in real life!

It's called The Jokers Jinx, pretty awesome.

6. Batman's mother was once the Joker

source - DC Comics
source - DC Comics

In an alternate reality which was inadvertently created by The Flash during a battle with the Reverse-Flash, it was Bruce Wayne who died on that fateful night in Crime Alley. Thomas Wayne would go on to become Batman, while his wife Martha was left completely unhinged by the murder of her son. As a result, she sliced her face open and became The Joker, killed Jim Gordon, and committed suicide upon learning of Bruce’s survival in another world.

5. He was supposed to die in his first appearance!

Nearly 80 years ago.

4. He knows Batman is Bruce Wayne, but doesn't care

Joker is only interested in Batman, he finds Bruce Wayne boring. He would see targeting Bruce Wayne as an easy way out. That doesn't mean he won't target those close to Bruce, for example he cut off Alfred's hand once!

3. He has a side-kick called Gaggy

Gaggy is a midget and he was there well before Harley Quinn was in the comics.

2. He fought Judge Dredd

Inter-dimensional travel is totally fair game in the DC universe. In this installment, The Joker falls through a rip in the fabric of time and space, and into the universe of Judge Dredd.

1. He made an appearance on Scooby-Doo

The world’s most infamous supervillain made an appearance with the world’s most famous team of mystery solving meddling kids (and their puppy) in “The New Scooby-Doo Movies” episode “The Caped Crusader Caper.” In this installment, The Joker teams up with The Penguin to kidnap Professor Flakey in order to obtain his newly invented flying suit.

There you have it! The Joker is the greatest villain ever and there are (hopefully) some facts you didn't know about the Clown Prince of Crime.


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