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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

With Fantastic 4 set for it's release within the week, critics are already getting early screening opportunities and many shared their feelings about the film via Twitter. With much skepticism surrounding this film, the reviews leave me fairly confident that this reboot will live up to expectations (well mine anyways).

It seems as if we will see the return of the Fantastic 4's trademark, blue suits. This really comes as no surprise but it is good to know that Fox isn't straying away from the original formula.

Even DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins of the Sacramento Kings thought the film rocked! And he always seems to be angry! Now that we see how the critics are feeling about the film on Twitter so far, will it change our expectations going into the film?

Do the critics' opinions really matter to fans?

Everyone has their own opinion but lets be honest here. We all have modified our viewpoint on something because of someone else's opinion. This happens to me, at least when it comes to movies. Movie critics are professionals at finding the negative in films that sometimes us as fans look past. Critics' opinions definitely matter and I use Rotten Tomatoes as a benchmark for reviews when renting a movie that I am unsure about. If I see a movie trailer and I get excited for a film there is nothing anyone could say to change my mind on that. Even if it bombs with the critics I will still go into the theater as excited as before. So I guess it just matters who you are and what situation it is but one thing is for sure: The critics' early opinion of Fantastic 4 have me ecstatic for it's release. I have lobbied for this film for months and it seems it is all coming to fruition. Hopefully everyone on Twitter is right and the film truly is fantastic!


Do the critics' opinion matter to you when you go to see a movie?

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