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Xbox is holding their annual Gamescom this week in Germany and have announced and showed plenty of games and game play for their upcoming game releases.

Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox) took the stage first to let us know their vision and their goals for Xbox. Again he spoke on the connection between XBOX and Microsoft Windows 10.

First on their docket was an XBOX One Exclusive game Quantum Break.

Quantum Break is to release April 5th, 2016
Quantum Break is to release April 5th, 2016

They showed new game play and some abilities that can be used during the game. The 3rd person aspect of the game shows you the environment in a way that it will allow the player to enjoy the cinematic experience of the game. It does seem like they are basing the game on the future and future technology. They are aiming to make the game feel more like playing through a movie than a basic video game. They've cast Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce and Dominic Monaghan in a role I can't yet confirm.

Quantum Break (2016)
Quantum Break (2016)

That trailer and game play looked amazing!

After being pushed back to 2016, it looks like Quantum Break is going to be a game to keep an eye on.

I'm personally very excited about this game. Any game that can bring the cinematic experience into the gaming world and then attach that game to a live action show will always get me hooked.

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