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After last episode's bombshell (full recap here), this week's Gravity Falls instalment was fairly mild and fun in comparison. In Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons we got to see the kids (especially Dipper) bond with Stanford a little bit, and there is hope for his relationship with Grunkle Stan to be healed. There were also tantalising hints about just what happened to Stanford after he went through the portal, and more Grenda! (Who should be a main character, she's so great.)

Before we get to the recap however, let's have a look at all the theories and hints in this week's episode!

Mysteries of the Multiverse

Even before the final revelation about the interdimensional rift, Stanford dropped this little hint...

"That's my favourite game in the whole multiverse!"

We're definitely dealing with several different universes in this story. But just how many has Stanford experienced? Until this point, we assumed that Stanford had fallen through the portal and spent the last 30 years in just one other universe. However, the truth may be much stranger.

Infinite sides, infinite possibilities...
Infinite sides, infinite possibilities...

Remember this little doohicky? The infinite sided dice is, according to Stanford, banned in "9 thousand dimensions" - how could he know this, unless he's had contact with multiple universes? This can mean one of two things.

  • That Stanford himself visited more than one dimension in the 30 years he spent on the other side of the portal.
  • More portals exist in the dimension he landed in - this world could be a hub for interdimensional travel!

Whatever the truth, Stanford isn't ready to share his secrets yet, as they are apparently horrifying...

"I'm not sure if any of you could handle the real answer."

But with an interdimensional rift bubbling away, all the mysteries will soon be revealed! Were you paying close attention to the cryptogram at the end of the episode? There's definitely a storm comin'...

The deciphered code reads:


What could the "small things" be? Could they be something physical, like the infinite sided dice or the interdimensional rift? Or something more metaphorical, like a throwaway comment? And could this mean the end of the Pines family?!


One thing's certain: the rest of the season has plenty of surprises in store for us. But on to the recap!

Epic Wizard Quest!

It's just an ordinary day for the Pines family. Mabel and Grunkle Stan's favourite television show is coming to an end, while Dipper desperately wants someone to play his role playing board game. Luckily, Stanford loves the game, and after crashing into his lab, Dipper and Stanford start to play. Unfortunately, they soon clash with Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Grenda, who are gearing up to watch the finale of Ducktective! Of course, Stanford doesn't understand why Grunkle Stan can be so excited about a kids' show...

You tell him, Grunkle Stan!
You tell him, Grunkle Stan!

Well we uh, wouldn't know anything about that.... *ahem*

The bickering escalates quickly, and soon the infinite possibility dice is dislodged and roles along the floor... Only to bring forth the main antagonists of the game into reality! Who promptly kidnap Dipper and Stanford, in order to eat their brains and absorb all of that tasty knowledge. (Naturally.) Never fear though, after briefly deliberating whether to watch the last episode or save their family, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Grenda gear up and charge off on a daring rescue!

Mighty warriors
Mighty warriors


After Grenda swiftly defeats the one guard (wait, did she just legit kill someone?!), the team find Dipper and Stanford, but they're still held captive by Probabilitor The Annoying (note to self: steal this name for pseudonym purposes). In order to free them, Mabel and Grunkle Stan have to win the game, as Dipper and Stanford become miniature pieces!

But in a game that seems to be all about math and calculation, it turns out there's a large element of risk, and you need a great deal of imagination... Which is perfect for creative Mabel and gambler Grunkle Stan! With fantastic inventions like the centaur-tuar (uh), and Grunkle Stan's dumb luck (here meaning: talent for cheating), the two manage to win the game and return their respective siblings back to normal. The villains promptly disappear in a puff of smoke... including Hot Elf (sorry, Grenda).


Now there's nothing left to do but watch the final episode of Ducktective, which ends in a thrilling twist... He had a twin brother all along!

"Ugh, I predicted that like a year ago!" - Soos

Oh, and of course Stanford's big reveal to Dipper that in destroying the portal, he accidentally caused an interdimensional rift! Which he has contained, for now...

So all that's left to do is to wonder what's in store next week! I honestly think this is all building up to a schism between Mabel and Dipper. There's been so much foreshadowing about siblings arguing, which may refer to the Stans but this episode did start to show cracks in Mabel and Dipper's relationship, as she made fun of him and he spent more time with Stanford.

Mystery Twins forever?
Mystery Twins forever?

Let's hope the opposite is true: that Mabel and Dipper can show the Stans the way to reconciliation! But what with an interdimensional rift, and two menacing prophecies to deal with, the Pines family has a rocky road ahead of them...

Stay tuned for more Gravity Falls: The Stanchurian Candidate airs on August 24th!


What do you think will happen next?


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