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Sense8 is an incredible show. Even if you don't like it, you can't deny that it's unprecedented in ambition, execution, and most of all, in the avid fandom it's cultivated. Netflix are currently sitting on the prospect of Sense8 Season 2, completely clueless of what to do with the stats suggesting viewers watch the show all the way through, and sometimes up to six times over. If you're a Sense8 fan reading this, then send all your hopes for Season 2 to Netflix, for I'm sure it's just you they wanna talk to.

Let's use this chance to establish a better idea of how the fandom is feeling right now! Here are some of the unanswered questions Sense8 is taking through into Season 2, and what we could likely see if Netflix chooses to answer our prayers!

Sensating Through Memory?

No one was having a good time here.
No one was having a good time here.

There were a number of times in Season 1 when characters connected, and inhabited the same space in a memory together. This usually occurred between Officer Gorski and Riley, and resulted in the strange image of Will finding himself pregnant. Miraculously, this moment wasn't played for laughs, and somehow worked. I suppose since these characters can share emotions, they would logically be able to share memories, but it was shot almost as if they were time traveling. It would be neat for Season 2 to expand on this, and explain it a little more. Basically, I just wanna see Sun Bak killing Wolfgang's Dad over and over.

Is Whispers Still At Large?

From start to finish, Whispers was an enigmatic villain whose personality barely infringed on the plot. That was a good thing, as it served only to make him all the more cold and ruthless. The way our eight heroes escaped him was however a little vague. Sure, he wasn't able to track Will's unconscious mind, but did he just hang out at the edge of that fog cloud stamping on his hat? Of course, he's likely to return if Season 2 gets the go-ahead, and it will be cool to see the true reach that BPO has on this world!

Will Wolfgang be Forgiven?

Wolfgang with his best friend, bazooka.
Wolfgang with his best friend, bazooka.

The arc of Wolfgang was at once the most brazen of the characters, and yet sneakily brilliant. Building him up to be a cold hearted badass, and employing him right at the last moment was a genius move, but it leaves me wondering where his character is going. I'm pretty sure his relationship with Kala is scuppered, for a good first date doesn't usually involve shooting a guy in the face five times. I'm guessing Wolfgang's arc in the next season will be one of redemption, and he will have to work that charm to the max if he's gonna be accepted by the rest of the group, ESPECIALLY Kala.

Are There Other Clusters?

The group together!
The group together!

I've no desire for this all to turn into Sense9 at any time, but the possibility of people connecting across clusters has been established, and introducing more extraordinary characters seems like the logical step in Season 2. Perhaps the eight primary characters we're used to are now set to go looking for other clusters to protect. It would be fun to see the protagonists from Season 1 as weathered and accustom to their new selves, while seeing the whole discovery process once more with an entirely different set of characters.

What other burning questions do you have for Sense8 Season 2, and do think there's a chance they will be answered? You can find more of my stuff on Sense8 right here! Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


What questions NEED to be answered in Sense8 Season 2?


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