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DC Comics movies have been at the brunt of jokes since Marvel movies took the film industry by storm. But while it's super enjoyable to make fun of stuff, these movies deserve a second look. Over the next couple years, we'll have to see what Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice bring to the table, but for now we can dig into the top three underrated DC Comics movies.

3. Man of Steel (2013)


Anytime I mention this movie to anyone, there's an inevitable groan. But seriously, watch the movie again. It's phenomenal. Yes, Zack Snyder brought his famous style to one of the most recognized characters in history, but that's exactly what made Superman haters give him a second chance. I'm a prime example of this. When I saw the Man of Steel teaser trailer, I just said "Ugh, another corny as hell Superman movie?"

Then I saw the movie, and I immediately took it back. Snyder actually makes Clark Kent relatable, while past Superman directors only made failed attempts.


Clark is a character that feels out of place because throughout his whole life he was always different. That's a relatable story! Clark gets pissed because someone threatens his mom. Another relatable story! Aliens kidnap him to try to steal some of his blood so they can restart their alien race... Whatever, two out of three isn't bad. Some blurry shots and a blue tint aside, the story was compelling and believable and personally, it made me love a character I despised.

2. Batman Begins (2005)


I've never heard anyone say Batman Begins is a bad movie. I just always hear "Batman Begins was good, but The Dark Knight was AMAZING." Anytime this movie comes up, it’s second (or third) best to another Nolan Batman movie. But take a minute and go back in time with me to the year 2005, when TV shows weren't nearly as creative and daring and Marvel wasn't cool yet.

The last live action Batman movie to hit the silver screen involved Batman and Robin on ice skates. Not even a joke.

In case you don't believe me, watch this from the 2:40 mark:

Then Christopher Nolan comes along and completely changes the tone of Batman movies for years to come. Batman isn't just a do-gooder fighting colorful, odd villains at night with his trusty bird named sidekick. He's a dark, mentally disturbed man who fights crime for his own selfish reasons. He lives in the real world of Detroit- I mean Gotham, where the real crimes are committed by drug lords and desperate killers running through the streets.

Up until the Batman costume makes it to the screen, nothing in this movie is surreal by any means. These are actual crimes that are committed every day, and Nolan gives us a story that we crave when we see another murder on the news. Then The Dark Knight came along and we totally forgot about it because The Joker!

1. Watchmen (2009)


Watchmen, the second Zack Snyder film to make it to a top 3 underrated movies list. This one holds the number one spot because when it was first released, the viewers who hadn't read the source material thought it was very odd.

Can you blame them? It's a lot to take in all at once. A blue dude is basically a god and he refuses to wear pants (probably because his self confidence is at an all time high), Nixon is still president somehow, and there was already a superhero team once but that superhero team fizzled out and then another one took over but that one disbanded too. I'm confused just writing about it.

Except his pants
Except his pants


But taking another look, this movie was brilliant. It was the first superhero movie to depict its heroes as washed up has-beens who might have done more to hurt the world than help it. It wasn't about saving the world as much as it was about determining what is and what isn't morally right. It's about individuals struggling with their existence. Why were they alive? It's a beautiful film that poses some tough questions to the viewer, which makes it intimidating, and gives it the number one spot on this list.


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