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The Joker is arguably the best villain of all time. The arch-nemesis of Batman, he is a sadistic, twisted, psychopath, and a completely insane guy. Joker was supposed to be killed off in his first appearance, however, the decision was thankfully revoked. The Clown Prince of Crime has committed horrendous acts throughout the years.

A common misconception is that The Joker does not fear anything. Even though Scarecrow's fear toxin had no visible effect on him, it doesn't mean that he is immune to fear. Joker, like all others, has fears which give him the shivers.

The following examples are taken from various sources, including comics, movies, and cartoons/TV shows.

1. Being Mocked, Ridiculed; Not being taken seriously

Being the laughing stock is one of Joker's biggest fears. He absolutely HATES the idea that he will not be taken seriously by people due to his appearance and behaviour. Thus, commits crimes of extraordinary magnitudes, in order to make others fear, and most of all, respect him, which has made him earn the title 'Clown Prince of Crime'. His various crimes over the years include:

  • Poisoning Gotham City's water supply with Joker Venom (multiple times)
  • Killing/Torturing/Crippling Batman's allies (multiple times)
  • Massacre of thousands of civilians over time
  • Dropping poisoned shards of glass from the sky over Gotham
  • Murdering children

Another thing Joker wants is the Batman's "approval". As seen in The Killing Joke, he tries to impress Batman by proving that he is not insane, and that all it takes to bring someone to his level is by making them suffer "one bad day", by torturing Commissioner Gordon.

2. Death of Batman

Depending on which incarnation of the Joker it is, it can vary a little. While sometimes it is shown he is afraid that someone else will kill Batman. Occasionally, he has expressed openly that without Batman, life wouldn't be fun anymore. Like he said most recently in The Dark Knight:

The Joker: [giggling] I don't, I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You... you... complete me.

In the Death of the Family story arc (Note: This is different from A Death in the Family, in which Jason Todd was killed), he makes Batman the "king" of Gotham, by trying to eliminate those who "weaken" him (his allies).

3. Being Forgotten

As mentioned in Arkham Knight, Joker wants to be remembered by the world, even after his death. Ultimately, he succeeds in doing so; through Batman, who along with several others, was infected with the Joker Venom during Arkham City. The toxin slowly changed their appearance and behaviour to match The Joker.

A point comes in the game when Batman begins hallucinating and starts seeing Joker everywhere. He appears to have conversations with him (more like taunts targeted towards him, as the exchange was one sided), and even lets the "Joker" inside of him assume control of him. Through his use of various poisons (Joker Venom) and his horrendous crimes in Gotham City, his is always remembered.

Joker strives to be more than just a man - he wants to be a symbol, a symbol of chaos, anarchy, madness... and (in his own, twisted way) of fun. His ultimate goal is to make sure that the world remembers what he stands for, and that his legacy lives on for years to come.

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