ByNathan Sykes, writer at
Nathan Sykes
Hell yes! Either a jedi origins story, a sith story, or an era after the Jedi Order has been around for a while and we get to see jedi going out and doing jedi stuff instead of fighting a war. I know the franchise is called Star WARS, but there's still so many stories that can be told other than yet again fighting another war. This would also be a good era to see a story about force-sensetives seeking out sith artifacts. I do not agree with the other 2 choices you picked however. I think a Mandalorian-centric story would be fascinating though. The show takes place on their home planet...think about it...we get to watch a series based on an entire species who are basically the vikings of the entire galaxy! That would be badass. Or maybe a series that explores Yoda's origins and/or his species...or his species AND their polar opposites the sith since apparently from what I have gathered online both species were naturally force-sensetive species. For the last idea, I'd like them to make a series that is heavily focused on the force itself. Perhaps the force's origins? Or about characters who were the very 1st ever to experience the force. This series could do so many things such as explore many different perspectives of the force that the movies have not covered but the expanded universe or legends has. Star Wars isn't Star Wars without the Force, and it would be epic to get a series revolving around the force instead of characters, places or hell, even a single era.

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