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Hello everybody,

My name is Greg, and today I will be writing about this YouTube channel, called Gregory Moore T.V.. Now as we all know that this name is ever so popular. But what is so different about this YouTuber is he takes the Full spelling of Gregory and Translate it, into its spiritual meaning, Which stands for watcher and or Vigilance. But what you do not know is this guy is a pyrokinesis. Totally different for your average YouTuber.

Anybody knows what Pyrokinesis means? Well for the fun of it. Because I know you all are very intelligent beings. I will give you my short version of what pyrokinesis is. (Pyrokinesis, is the ability to control fire. Either by, accelerating the fire to burn out faster. Or, decreasing the burning speed of fire. Also another part of this beautiful yet rare talent is, one will be able to control fire with their thoughts to stay in one place and not burn anything at all.) Totally Awesome don't you think?

So, what this guy does, is something far more different than the normal. Which is why he calls the Video Pyrokinetic Master. (I added a video link so you can watch this guy in action.) In his video he is called Redvenom10. What he does, just leaves you in the realm of this is totally fake or this dude thinks he is God. But I choose to say, like many others, this guy has talent.

Here's why, this guy does not only show the original abilities of a pyrokinesis, but he takes it so far to the point, where he is changing the color of fire at will only. That is so freaking amazing. I mean, can you think of what summer camp would be like with a camp leader that has this ability. I mean the kids would have so much fun. Seeing the Campfire turn different colors from just this guys thoughts only. I know if I was a kid, I love to see that. Even as an adult. HAHAHAHAHA!

But any who, Please do tell me what you think of this Youtuber. Do you think is talent is legit? Or is it just good for entertainment. I think both. I mean think about Pyro on X-Men. But in real life. So awesome. I also feel really good about him having a piece of my name as his Channel name lol, lucky me :).

Overall I hope you all enjoy my post. Please stay tune for my next one. Thank you.


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