ByLexi Maroney, writer at

When i was younger i would watch Mr. Irwin shows all the time. I guess what amazed me was that he seemed like he didn't mind getting too close to something and i thought that was awesome!! I also loved that the animlas that he had at the zoo was like his second family i love Bindi the croc she's pretty cool. I haven't seen his shows is soo long and i can't believe that its been almost 9 years ago and you have grown into such a young women. You are very beautiful and even though i didn't know your family as a close friend but i knew your father through the shows he would do i feel that he would be very proud of you and your little brother for what you guys are doing. I hope Mrs. Irwin is doing good and hope that all the Irwin's are doing well i feel like in some way i know them because they where on the show with your father. I can't believe that your mom did some of those shows with him i would be freaking out.

Like we say in Texas, well not everybody but i say this, Have a beautiful south Texas day.


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