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With the DCEU in full swing with a slate of 10 upcoming films releasing up through 2020, there are still a number of characters that we have yet to hear about getting a big screen debut. And I'm here to list my personal picks for some of these characters, heroes and villains alike.

And lets start with one of my favorite female comic book characters.


And to play the her, my top choice is...

Jenna Coleman

Not just my favorite Doctor's companion, but my favorite actress in general. She can be funny, dramatic and even BadA! if she needs to be. And I can think of no better actress to portray the Mistress of Magic.

Our next character that deserves the big screen treatment is...

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

And to play the Emerald Archer, I choose...

Charlie Hunnam

I mean, come on. Look at him. He's got the goatee and everything. And he has the acting chops. He'd be perfect.

Now lets cast one of the biggest, both figuratively and literally, baddies in DC's lineup. The lord of Apokolips...


And to play him, my top choice has always been...

Ving Rhames

He's got the size, he's got the voice. You love him as Luther. Tell me you wouldn't love to see him take on this role in JL Pt. 2 or 3 or a New Gods movie.

Now for another awesome super-heroine.

Dinah Lance/Black Canary

To play her, My choice would be...

Keira Knightley

Perhaps one of the most underrated actresses in the business, Knightley has proven herself when it comes to both action and drama in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Next lets talk about the villain most expect to see in Justice League Pt.1.


And to play him, I can think of no better actor than...

Luke Evans

He's proven he can play a maniacal villain as Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6. He would be perfect actor to bring one of DC's most diverse villains to life.

Next we should get back to the more magical side of DC.

Boston Brand/Deadman

And to play the ghostly hero, I choose...

Jamie Dornan

He's gotten a bad rep because of Fifty Shades of Grey but he's actually a decent actor. And it may sounds strange, but thanks to Once Upon a Time, he knows how to play a dead guy.

Next, 2020 will be the year we see the Green Lantern Corp movie, and their is one villain in particular that I would love to see.


And to play the leader of the Red Lantern Corp, the obvious choice in my opinion would be...

Djimon Hounsou

While the role would most likely be entirely motion or performance capture, Hounsou has the perfect gravelly voice to match the menace of Atrocitus.

And speaking of GL villains, despite being the best part of the last attempt, one GL villain in particular will have to show up eventually.


While Mark Strong did a fantastic job portraying the character, this is a reboot which requires a recasting unfortunately. So to take up the role, my choice would be...

Ralph Fiennes

He has the look. He has the voice. He has the acting chops to play a great villain. He would make a fantastic choice for one of the universes most notorious villains.

Next we have the villain I expect to see the most in the Wonder Woman movie in 2017.


And to play the God of War, I choose...

Gerard Butler

He's proven his ability to portray absolute savagery in 300, not to mention action. Who else could you see taking up the role?

We've spent a while on villains. Lets get back to some heroes like...

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle

And to play whom I consider to be the Tony Stark of the DC Universe, I choose...

Tom Cruise

Ironic as he was rumored to play Tony Stark at one point before RDJ. And it seems strange that of all the big names in Hollywood who have taken up comic book roles, he hasn't. So why not put him in a lesser known role to draw the crowds in?

Back to the mystical side of DC, now lets cast...

Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate

And to play one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, I choose none other than...

Sir John Hurt

Hurt is a fantastic actor and would be more than capable of portraying the wise and high-standing persona of Nabu but also the kind and gentle Kent Nelson.

Now we come to a character that for some reason WB chose not to use in the upcoming Justice League movie. That character being...

J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter

And to play the last living martian and one of DC's most underrated characters, who would NOT be grown in a petri dish in Area 51 like David S. Goyer suggested for some ridiculous reason, my choice would be...

Idris Elba

Idris would be the perfect actor to portray him. And he has stated that he didn't have the greatest time filming the last Thor film so perhaps he would be willing to switch over to DC for a much larger and influential role.

Next, lets do another cool female character. One in particular from Batman's line-up. That character of course being...

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

And my choice for who to play her is...

Jessica Biel

Now most people lately say they want Emily Blunt in the role.

But we will discuss her later. For now, lets move on to...

Edward Nygma/The Riddler

And evidence coming from a recent film in my opinion proves that the perfect actor to play him is...

Sean Harris

His character in Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation was so much like the Riddler. All that was missing was, of course, the riddles. In his final confrontation with Tom Cruise's character in the film, I almost expected him to at some point say "I've bested you Dark Knight!"

Next up is one of Batman's most notorious villains next to the Joker.

Ra's Al Ghul

And the casting choice I have made for him is...

Jason Isaacs

This is of the few exceptions in which an actor who voiced a character is fully qualified to do it in live-action. He can be maniacal and menacing. He would be perfect and awesome for the role.

And fittingly, the next character to cast is of course...

Talia Al Ghul

To play the heir to the demon, I choose...

Emily Blunt

The idea of Emily Blunt playing Catwoman started after a random rumor suggested that she had a role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and some even said that it was Catwoman she would play. But when I read the rumor of just her being in the film with no specification of who she was playing, I immediately thought she would be great as Talia Al Ghul. It just felt like the perfect fit.

Next is one of the Caped Crusaders more personal villains.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

And instead of the idiotic decision that simply because Jensen Ackles voiced the character, that makes him fully qualified to play the role in live action, I have chosen...

Brenton Thwaites

The fact is, Jensen Ackles is too old. The man is in his late 30's and looks it. Thwaites age of 26 is already pushing it but at least he looks the age the character would need to be.

Speaking of the Bat-Family, lets move on to...

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

I believe the role should be given to...

Liam Hemsworth

He has the acting chops. He knows how to handle action. He'd be perfect to play the grown up former protege of the Dark Knight. Maybe even his own standalone film Warner Bros.?

But we've spent long enough with Batman's world. Let's move on to...

Shayera Hall/Hawkgirl

To play her I choose...

Rose McIver

Now she has already taken up a DC role, Vertigo if you want to be specific, in the form of Liv Moore on the CW's iZombie. But why not let her take a cinematic role? One where she'd be able to fly and swing an enchanted mace?

Perhaps I'll continue this list another time. i hope you enjoyed the list.


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