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The biggest addition this episode brings to the table is the introduction of the Reds' signature vehicle, the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV), more commonly referred to as the Warthog.

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One of the greatest things the Warthog brings with it is the recurring jokes about it's nicknames, namely the Puma and Chupathingy, deciding whether or not it looks "like a big cat of some kind", and the race between Grif and Simmons to call shotgun for it. That last one is ironic on its own, because even as the joke continues the usual seating arrangement puts Sarge in the passenger seat, probably due to him having a literal shotgun as his primary firearm, and leaving Grif as the driver and Simmons as gunner. This also begins to flesh out the personalities of both Sarge and Simmons in the series, showing Sarge as a gruff leader who dislikes Grif and Simmons as somewhat of a kiss-ass and having some slight animosity towards Grif, even with them both generally getting along well.

Not much else goes on in the episode besides the notion that Red Team will soon have a rookie in its ranks, and that Blue Team is getting a delivery in the near future as well, including but not limited to a tank. All in all a very good continuation from the last episode.

Characters Introduced This Episode

  • Lopez - Brown Soldier/Robot, Red Team
  • Warthog - Jeep with Turret, Red Team, Misc

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