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As we know, the idea first started as a rumor, but then Bryan Singer (director of X-Men: Apocalypse and others) has "teased" that it might happen. I've noticed that not many fans are thinking of what the title should be called. The following are titles I came up with and created in logo form. The list will be from least to greatest title (NOTE: The reason for Fantastic Four and X-Men switching around is because if the storyline involves a bigger role on one of the groups):

4. Fantastic Four and X-Men (or X-Men and Fantastic Four)

These are the more simpiler ones, that anyone can easily come up with. Although I doubt very much the will use either of these 2 titles.

3. Fantastic Four vs. X-Men (or X-Men vs. Fantastic Four)

This made it to 2nd least due to the hero battle movies like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Captain America: Civil War. It does sound cool though.

2. Fantastic Four/ X-Men (or X-Men/Fantastic Four)

Sorry for the large image
Sorry for the large image
Sorry for the large image
Sorry for the large image

This is kind of the same to the first one up there, but I just think it sounds more cooler. I have been told that this sounds like a double feature of X-Men and Fantastic Four.

1. Fantastic Four: X

My favorite one
My favorite one

This is also the first title for the crossover I could think of. This could only work if the crossover is going to replace Fantastic Four 2, or be mainly about the Fantastic Four.

I don't own the images used to create the logos. These logos will appear on Deviantart, and here's the link to see my other artwork:

Do you think these could work? Got any other cool titles? If you do, comment below and I might reply to you guys. And yes, Bryan Singer, Josh Trank, Marvel and Fox, you can use the titles if you want.


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