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#1 Watermelon Pops!

Watermelon is so much easier to cut than people think. Chop it in half and then slice it into sticks. They even come with a nice little handle!

#2 Tricky Kiwi!

Kiwi is tricky to cut. Here’s a super easy trick: Cut both ends off with a knife and use a little spoon to scoop out the fruit. Run the spoon along the inside of the skin and voila! It pops right out and is ready to be sliced or eaten whole.

#3 Prickly Pineapple

Pineapples can be tricky, and even a little painful to the touch. But don’t be intimidated! Just follow these steps to remove the rind, leaves, and core. Grill them in some foil or on a pan to toss into an exotic salsa. Yum!

#4 AMEEEZING Avocado!#

#5 Polka Party Strawberries

Make snacking on strawberries even better by popping out the stems with a straw.

#6 Cheeky Mango

Cut the cheeks off of the mango, around the seed. Then cute cubes without scoring the skin and scoop out the cubes. Try these on a kabob stick with a little chili powder and salt for a unique and healthy treat!


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