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This morning I was inspired by a post on the Facebook Creators Group, and it went a little something like this:

If you're ever having a bad day, just remember: Tom Cruise could have been Ironman, Dane Cook could have been Captain America, Nicolas Cage could have been Superman, Edward Norton could have been Wolvering and more George Clooney Batman films were planned. The world we live in isn't as bad as it could be. - Jacob Craig

Follow that up with a comment from Samuel asking for someone with Photoshop to get going on this and publish it to Moviepilot and I couldn't resist the challenge. So let's see what the heroic world would look like if some of our favorites undergo a casting change.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man?

Tom Cruise is known for characters that get caught up in extraordinary situations, but they also tend to be likable and laid-back in demeanor. His trademarks are his intense eye contact, beaming smile and the fact that he doesn't seem to have aged... ever.

Iron Man would be less snark and more suave. Tom Cruise isn't know for his crass or a sandpaper-esque personality as we've seen Robert Downey Jr. portray in his version of Ironman. Tom Cruise would portray the character with a more coy personality.

Dane Cook as Captain America?

Dane Cook is known for his blatantly over-the-top observational comedy full of darkness and mild violence. His trademark being high-energy when on screen.

Captain America is no longer the homegrown hero wishing to protect while keeping a modest outlook on life. Chris Evans portrays that modesty well, whereas Dane Cook would be ill-prepared to refrain from the snappy dark humor and the quick one-liners. The new Captain would be more Marv from Sin City than the Captain we know and love.

Nicolas Cage as Superman?

Nicolas Cage was nearly Superman, and we can be grateful that iteration never made it to the big screen in Tim Burton's Superman Lives. Cage often uses method acting techniques to get into his roles which adds to his eclectic list of characters. His trademark is in his portrayal of eccentric characters, often flamboyant with over-the-top wisecracks.

Superman is no longer the burly and robust character that we have grown accustomed to. His broad shoulders and chest are replaced by Cage's svelte frame. Superman would be prone to more emphatic hand gestures and vocal pauses, becoming easily excitable, and often leading to over-dramatic outbursts.

Edward Norton as Wolverine?

Edward Norton is an actor that I personally love. He has a solid ability to transform himself for the character that he's portraying. His trademark is his ability to play split personalities or troubled but incredibly intelligent characters.

Wolverine is no longer a lumberjack with the body of a Howitzer Tank, he has become a slightly scrawny fellow. Less intimidating at first glance, Wolverine would now focus on a man lost within himself trying to learn where he fits in the world with his Adamantium claws.

George Clooney as Batman... Again?

George Clooney did portray Batman in the 1997 film, Batman & Robin. Often Clooney plays characters that have redeeming qualities even though they seem to be scoundrels.

Batman has completely lost his edge, and focuses on the comical approach to fighting against the criminal element in Gotham. Spending his days as Bruce Wayne, he moves on from the anger and vengeance and runs Wayne Industries like the good little billionaire and ventures out at night with his buddies Robin and Batgirl.


Would you have gone to see any of these heroes?


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