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With the recent new teaser image on Scott Cawthon (Five Nights at Freddys Creator)'s Website, people are wondering if FNaF is really over.

Five Nights at Freddy's is game I have known since late August. I thought it was cool, but I never thought that it would be as succesful as it is, or that I would be sucked into the games along with everyone else. A while after FNaF1's release, FNaF2 was released, and with my YouTube channel being up, I decided 'Hey, FNAF is semi popular, why not record a few videos?'. I instantly fell in love with the games. I of course couldn't beat FNaF2, but it was still fun, and that's what mattered right? Well, Then there was the fake FNaF3 teasers, and that is what got me really sucked into the fandom. When FNaF3 finally came, after a long wait, in my opinion, I loved it. It was my favorite game in the franchise. It was fun, it revealed the backstory, the hype and the fans were still great! People thought FNaF3 was the end, but of course, I couldn't believe that. Still so many questions! FNaF4 finally was confirmed, and fans erupted. The hate started though, people saying Scott was milking it. Which in a sense he is, and I'm not going to try to argue with any opinions, but anyway. FNaF4 was highly theorized, though nobody knew what was coming. Not until the trailer. So then it came out early, some people (such as EntoanThePack) beat the game in it's first day and found all of it's secrets, including the Bite of 87', a mystery since the first game.

Before you continue, I must warn you. Heavy FNaF 1-4 Spoilers!

Bite of 87' In Action
Bite of 87' In Action

Well that's all well and good, all questions answered right? Scott Cawthon has wrapped everything up in a nice little bow!


In FNaF2 one of the phone calls references a 'sister location'. People are theorizing that the minigames in FNaF4 are in the sister location, which may or may not make sense. But again, there is also the end of FNaF3. Springtrap survived the Night 6 fire. So, where is Springtrap now? Why did Purple guy murder the kids that led to the reason the franchise even exists? Where is the real Fredbear's Family Diner?

Now some people would just be saying, 'Oh there's going to be a DLC'. Well that is wrong. Here is an excerpt from an announcment Scott made on the FNaF4 Steam Page:

'I also wanted to comment on what is coming for Halloween. I had originally mentioned a DLC or an update, or something else entirely, and until know I haven't been completely sure on what I want to create.

Well, I think I know now, but it will be very different from what you may be expecting., so I'm asking you all to trust me that I'm going to make something really cool for you!'

So yes, no DLC. And with that statement, people going 'OMG FNAF5 CONFIRMED11!'

Well no. Scroll down to the end of the announcment:

'EDIT: Whatever I release on Halloween will most likely NOT expand on FNaF4; I'm happy with it as it is. And no, it won't be a sequel either ;)

EDIT: Also, it won't be a prequel.

EDIT: It's not FNaF5'

So sadly, it is not a DLC, sequel, prequel or FNAF5. Going onto the new teaser on Scott Cawthon's website , saying 'Thank You' and showing all the animatronics (besides the phantom animatronics from FNaF3), this image signifies the end of FNAF most likely.

The End of FNaF?
The End of FNaF?

Now, people thought the same thing with FNaF3, with the Hat Image, but that was proven false, when FNaF4 got confirmed.

The Hat Image, which people thought meant the end.
The Hat Image, which people thought meant the end.

So, how does Scott go about answering all these questions?

Well there are a few options. One, make a spinoff series, and just use easter eggs to tell everyone what really happened. OR, and this second option makes more sense, make Five Nights at Freddys 1-3: Remastered or 'Recreated'. He can edit phone calls, etc. etc. Make graphics better, tie the already known story together better and neater.

The main option though is the Five Nights at Freddys Movie, which we recently found out Gil Kenan (Monster House, City of Ember, Poltergiest 2015) will be directing the movie. He has revealed that we will see an all new location, several old locations, and will have a separate story from all of the games, though the movie's story will be in the same universe as the games.

So yes, I want more FNAF. I want answers. Scott may or may not continue or answer those questions. Until then, I'll just be trying to beat FNaF4 on YouTube. Or make my fan game. Both of those work for me.

So tell me your theories on how Scott will go about answering any last questions. You can email me at [email protected] or on this site, all works. Until there is something new for FNAF, Goodbye!



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