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1. The Simpsons predicts grease thieves

In the episode "Lard of the Dance", which aired August 23rd 1998, Homer and Bart enter the grease selling business and look to steal it from Springfield Elementary School. Real life parodied this episode where in 2011, the St.Louis Dispatch would report $2000 worth of used grease being stolen from Bobby Tesslers St.Louis Wings Co. in Rock Hill, Missouri.

2. The Simpsons predicts a horrible tragedy

The episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", from September 21st 1997, which is where Homer must go to The World Trade Center after not paying his parking tickets. The prediction as depicted below is interesting because the price of the magazine coincides with the buildings placement.

3. The Simpsons predict line in worst Batman movie

Not necessarily predicting an event, but in the episode "Last Exit to Springfield", the episode opens with the McBain movie clip where he says "Ice to meet you". A line that is used by Arnold Schwarzennegers Mr. Freeze character in Batman & Robin. McBain is The Simpsons parody version.

4. The Simpsons helps a huge technological advancement

In the 1994 episode "Lisa On Ice", Kerney asks Dolph to make a note on his Apple digital assistant. The kicker here was that Apple had not fully adopted the touch screen aspect to their devices. At the time especially, a physical keyboard was the only practical option for mobile devices. Scott Forstall, an Apple engineer at the time was looking for a way to break away from the keyboard and had turned to The Simpsons as inspiration.

5. The Simpsons predict electronic voting scandal

In the 2008 episode "Treehouse of Horror XIX", the opening scene shows Homer having problems with the electronic voting machine. This unfortunately depicts what happened in 2012 where the system would freeze out other candidates.


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