ByLupema Celis-castillo, writer at


You might think this is your average house in the suburbs, but you would be wrong.

The house was built in 1978


The owner was slightly paranoid from the Cold War


This is the underground fallout shelter he had built beneath


This is the hidden stairway that leads to a secret elevator


Here is the elevator


And here is the most amazing fallout shelter you will ever see


Because who doesn’t need a BBQ camouflaged as a rock


And a putting green


And fake windows with fake views


A kitchen any Barbie Doll would kill for


All the latest appliances


A bathroom that is bigger than some New York City apartments


Very spacious indeed


And very yellow

But step in the basement…
But step in the basement…


And you will find a swimming pool, dance floor, and a jacuzzi

k thats all i have 4 now bye


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