ByNiall Evans, writer at

Let's face it.

From the information, trailers, footage and more (unwillingly thrown at us by FOX) that we've seen, many have said the new Fantastic Four movie will most likely be a box-office failure. As always, some members of the community have said to "wait until the movie comes out", waiting being a very similar situation to DC's somewhat strange casting choices which turned out to work well! Though this time around, even the people behind the film itself have all but confirmed the fans are inevitably correct.

BBC News' sister-site 'Newsbeat' reported recently that the cast of the Fantastic Four cast "have not been shown a final version of the film", although its release is due this Friday. Even Miles Teller (Richard Reed in the film) admitted "This is not a movie we're going to go on Rotten Tomatoes and it's going to be at 80 or 90 per cent."

Overall this spells a lot of trouble for the awesome foursome, FOX and Marvel. Although those who do find themselves seating behind the screen are rewarded with the toned-down PG trailer for FOX's Deadpool, a film that did everything this reboot didn't.


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