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If there was not enough to worry about with the Josh Trank directed Fantastic 4 reboot already - fans may just have received reason to temper expectations even more so. But just in case you missed last week's Fantastic 4 headlines: 20th Century Fox announced recently that the review embargo for the film will not be lifted until a day before it premieres. This is not usually a great sign that generally indicates that the studio does not have a lot of faith in the film's ability to generate positive reviews.

Fast-forward to yesterday (the same week as the release of the film), and 20th Century Fox studios drops an extended four minute trailer for their upcoming movie. This is not a move that I can recall a studio making in recent history - and my first reaction to trailer is that Fox is still trying to generate buzz previous to the opening weekend. Not only that, but 20th Century Fox even felt the need for the added endorsement from fan-favorite superhero, Deadpool, who stopped by to announce that there will be Deadpool trailer playing before each showing of Fantastic 4.

Still, I believe there to be plenty of reason for fans to be optimistic about the film. Firstly, the trailers, including the newest extended trailer, looks really good. Also, a cast featuring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell has to at least be well acted. Not to mention, 20th Century Fox has been hitting home-runs in the superhero genre lately with the last two X-Men films.

'Fantastic 4' hits theaters everywhere this Friday, August 7th. Check out the newest trailer above, leave a comment, and as always, follow me for news about your favorite films and television shows.

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