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Like a lot of people, I am a big fan of the shows Arrow and The Flash.

Arrow and The Flash: brothers on the CW
Arrow and The Flash: brothers on the CW

And I am very excited for CW's upcoming show, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021).

And with the more shows and characters appearing and expanding the DC/CW Universe, I think it's time one of my favorite DC characters makes an appearance.

Blue Devil

For those that don't know about him, let me tell you the origin of Blue Devil.

Daniel Cassidy was a special effects genius and stuntman working on the movie "Blue Devil". Cassidy created a full body super suit for the movie's titular character that he would portray. The suit was full of special effects contraptions and had a trident he could use to fly. While filming on an island with an ancient temple, the demon, Nebiros was accidentally released. Cassidy, with the help of the suit and other crew members, defeated the demon. But Cassidy was hit with an energy blast.

While Cassidy survived the blast, the suit was bonded to him.

Now before I continue, Blue Devil has sort of made a couple of appearances in the CW shows.

In an episode of Arrow, an advertisement for a Blue Devil movie on a bus can be seen briefly.

And "Blue Devil 2" is seen playing in an episode of The Flash.

But those were Easter eggs that are more "blink and you miss". I want to see a full appearance.

I think it would be great since the shows are adding more and more lesser known characters like The Atom and Rip Hunter. This would also be a chance to introduce the mystical side of the DC Universe. And if magic is introduced into this universe, then it's also the perfect chance to introduce...

John Constantine

And while I doubt BD will show up this year, I think a news broadcast about a mysterious accident occurring while filming "Blue Devil 3" would be acceptable for now.

So what do you think? Should Blue Devil make a full appearance? What characters do you want to see appear in Arrow, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow?

Edit: Okay, so Constantine has now been confirmed to appear in Arrow Season 4. And since it seems that this season will expand more with magic (or something), Blue Devil could work in Arrow as well.


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