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Wil Wigley

You want Carol Danvers?!? You got her right here! I’m not going to make a full fledged case here, I'm purely basing this on looks and experience. Frankly, I’m a bit curious as to how she didn’t make it on people’s top 10 lists to don the uniform of Captain Marvel. I mean look-wise, she's got that part nailed!!! 5'8", of toned, yummy, goodness.

Experience, you say? She's been acting for the past 17 years, and ok, while her body of work hasn't really broadened anyone's horizons, or given people a new outlook on life, to her credit, she has played a wide range of characters....including......ahem, get this....a hero! Well..kinda villainess / hero. Who doesn't remember the uber red hot Niki Sanders on the show Heroes???

C'mon, next to Hiro Nakamura, Niki, was the best thing that show had going for it. Ali even had the dubious task of playing 3 different characters. For those whose memory may be a little fuzzy, Niki Sanders was the mother of the child called Micah. Micah had the ability to communicate with machines. Niki’s husband was DL Hawkins who could phase through objects. Niki was a strong, caring woman. She was a fighter and VERY protective of her son. (I suppose the fact that she had come from an abusive family may have had something to do with that. So abusive in fact, that her father killed her twin sister Jessica (who we never got to see on the show). We would only see Jessica manifest, inside of Niki. I’m not 100% clear on what exactly Niki’s power was but I do recall that during times of stress her twin sister Jessica would take over Nikis’ body and wreak ROYAL havoc. She had super strength and wasn’t one to shy away from killing people (usually in really violent fashion)

She was killed at the end of season 2, but lo and behold…there was another sister. You see they were triplets. The third sister (also played by Ali) was Tracey Strauss who was, if memory serves me, some kind of political advisor. Aside from being very intelligent and politically savvy, she possessed the power of cryokinesis.

The rest of season 3 is a bit foggy for me b/c frankly the show stopped making sense. To be honest, I think the show lost a lot of viewers during this season and it ultimately ended up being cancelled. But it sure as hell wasn’t because of Ali.

So there you have it friends. She’s my pick for Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel.

It won’t happen of course, b/c I’m just a silly fanboy. What do I know, that these Hollywood execs don’t? And yes I totally get why everyone is on Emily Blunt’s bandwagon. I'm sure, she would probably knock it out of the park. But when I think of a strong, plucky, no nonsense woman.....I close my eyes, and see...Ali Larter.

Now, I’d have to hear her talking with a Boston accent to be completely sold….but like I said….she’s my girl. And yes, I've had long standing crush. (Sigh)

Thoughts/Questions/Concerns? Holla at me man!!!!

But uhhhh.....Let's keep it clean, concise and respectful boys and girls.

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