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Through thirteen years and five films, we have seen quite our share of Spider-Man villains. We've watched the web-slinger take on Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Rhino, and three different Green Goblins. However, according to Marvel head Kevin Feige, we are going to see a new villain for the upcoming 2017 reboot film led by Tom Holland.

With so many [Spider-Man](tag:2683717) villains to choose from, fans have been going crazy trying to pick out who the next villain should be. The list has gone through Vulture, Carnage, Mysterio, Shocker, and Scorpion, but according to recent rumors, Spidey's new foe is going to be none other than Kraven the Hunter.

*cue applause*

According to Heroic Hollywood, Sony executive Karen Moy has recently purchased the "Kraven's Last Hunt" comic off of Amazon. Moy has been known to purchase material for other Sony executives before, so it is possible that we may see Kraven on the big screen in a couple of years.

With most early-game rumors like this, we shouldn't put too much hope and validation into this rumor, but what if it's true? Kraven is a villain that we've been waiting to see in a Spider-Man film for many years, and if the film is based at all off of "Kraven's Last Hunt", we have a lot to be excited about.

In the comic, Kraven, a Russian hunter of incredible strength and speed, captures and drugs Spider-Man before burying him alive. He then dresses himself up as the wall-crawler and fights crime in New York to prove that he was just as good as Spider-Man, if not superior. Spider-Man eventually dug out of his grave and went to fight Kraven in one last epic battle.

Now if we know anything about comic-book movies, it's that they never mirror the comics identically, but if the film takes any influence from"Kraven's Last Hunt", we are in for a a new Spider-Man movie unlike anything we've ever seen. But one question (among many others) stands out the most with this rumor. Who should play Kraven? Well there are many amazing options out there, and I've narrowed the list down to a few key choices.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler may seem like a bit of a stretch, but he is very obviously a great actor. Take his performances from films like 300 and The Bounty Hunter and give him a Russian accent, and I could see him going toe-to-toe with Spider-Man. He is also the most respected actor on this list, and I've heard his name mentioned for Kraven several times.

Oded Fehr

I've only ever seen Oded in The Mummy, he has the appearance, the build, and he's in the right age grouping to make an amazing Kraven. Just look at the picture above and tell me that he doesn't look the part exactly. While looks aren't everything, Oded also acted amazingly in The Mummy movies. While he played a hero in those movies, he has a look about him that could make a great villain as well.

Manu Bennett

While every actor on this list has had some sort of combat training before, I'm sure Manu Bennett has the most experience in combat through his performances with Spartacus, The Hobbit, and Arrow. He has a strong physical Kraven-like build, and he has the acting talent to pull of the actor. I'd say that from this list, Bennett might have the best chance at getting at least an audition.

Viggo Mortensen

Yes, Viggo is Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings, and yes, that's probably all you know him from, but you have to admit he played a magnificent Aragorn. While he may be actor than the rest of the actors on this list, that may help with the part. In "Kraven's Last Hunt", Kraven is growing older in years, though he is still as deadly as ever. Though Viggo has dropped in popularity a bit since Lord of the Rings, this could be what he needs to re-spark his flame again.

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn, who you may know as the wise-worded sellsword Bronn from Game of Thrones, has the Kraven look to him. His eyes look like they've been through a lot, and his face screams experience. He has combat training, like the others on this list, but Flynn in particular looks like a seasoned hunter more than the others.

Even if none of these terrific actors are picked up for the part, we still are looking to get a whole new take on Spider-Man villainy. No more recycling of old, over-used villains. This time Spidey gets a new challenge, and we finally get a fresh experience for our sixth Spider-Man movie.

Who do you think should play Kraven the Hunter?
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